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Tactics WM Tactic


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Hello everyone, in a short part of the book I read, the WM tactic was mentioned. So I decided to try in FMM. I went on vacation because I didn't have time, maybe that's why it worked out well. Still not very successful. I would be very happy if you could help me improve the tactic and give it a try and share your results. 😀














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If you want to copy the tactic exactly then I’d change the player roles to something more basic. 

you want direct passing, run with ball and probably shoot on sight. 

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2 hours ago, topline said:

Taktiği aynen kopyalamak istiyorsanız, oyuncu rollerini daha basit bir şeye değiştirirdim. 

direkt pas istiyorsun, topla koşuyorsun ve muhtemelen gördüğün anda şut çekiyorsun. 

does it work for you
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On 19/11/2021 at 15:12, MikeF said:

Holiday mode doesnt take into account your tactics, only the players i'm afraid.

No, I strongly believe that holiday mode keeps the tactic, but uses the player they want.
I've played decades of seasons with only 1-day-holiday playing, just because I love the managerial part and I like to play the game without losing time inside the matched.. And I can ensure that the borest part is to move to reserves the players you don't want to be used...

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