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Career Wake me up before Moukoko - 1k+


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Time for a goal challenge now. I never did get to revisit my 1k challenge with Moukoko from 21 so I’ll use him here. He’s up for moving to a lower league now so I’ve gone for a big team with money and good facilities but in a small league…


And here’s the boy…



Managed to pick him up for £15m and a player exchange which is a steal. He comes with a lot of negatives…


But that’s just as he’s 16. He’s one of the best wonderkids FM has ever had so 1k should be a breeze. I’d like to aim for 2k but let’s start with 1.5k first and see how we get on. I’ll go for his whole career anyway. 

Season 1

We kicked things off in the league with some big goals. He’d scored 20 after 10 and it was looking like one hell of a first season. And then I overplayed him and the inconsistency kicked in. 

But he developed well and we got a good return for a 16 year old and a team of youngsters:



55 goals from 44 games. 

The CL draw was tough and we did terribly finishing 3rd in the group stage.

The league was another story


But no success in cups at all:


When I first went to the club, Benfica had a huge squad and it was pretty old. I shifted a lot of deadwood and brought in a lot of young players to form a base for years to come as well a a couple of experienced players as role models. 





Team stats:


My boy Pavon doing what he does best. 

Manager stats:


All in all I’m happy with that. We had a major overhaul of players and they’re developing nicely.

Goals: 53

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Great stuff. I was considering Benfica for my attempt. I've actually used them in a test save to see if my tactic still works (which it does 😁).

He's going to rip that League up!

Good luck going forward mate.

Love the title too. Brilliant! 🤣

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1 hour ago, olayinkajnr said:

This is highly impressive. I'm actually very interested in knowing the player used as a p/ex to get Moukoko.

No one special tbh



And I threw in a 50% profit from next sale as I won’t be selling him. 

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4 hours ago, Dai_ said:

He's going to rip that League up!

My other choice was Celtic as he’ll join them with the right deal but there would be no money to build squad. I figured benfica with more money and better facilities would be better choice 

Edited by MikeF
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Okay, you've won the award for Best Career Title. No one can top that!

Nice start too, and like the signings you made, I reckon this will be a big score!

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Season 2

Ups and downs here. Still revamping the squad to fit my system so plenty of players coming and going. I made the usual mistake of buying too many youngsters so they’ll need some time to bed in but will look to add some experience now. 
He picked up an injury but still managed 51 goals from 40 games. I’m overplaying him trying to squeeze more goals out of him and it’s making him more inconsistent playing when not fully fit so I’ll look to rest him more.

No big stats increase but a little more aerial which is needed.
Hes only 18 so I’m hoping there’s plenty of growth left in him. 



Domestic triple. Terrible in the CL.






Focussed mainly on sorting the midfield out with my signings. Demir started off well and then this happened so brought in De Paul who was largely useless.


Midfield didn’t really click all year as I was tweaking roles and kept trying different combinations of players there but I’m happy with what we have now. Odegaard took a while to settle into his role but then was creating nicely. 

Team stats:




Goals: 107

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That's a solid season considering his age.

I always end up signing too many youngsters too so I've told myself I'll not do it this year. Hopefully I stick to it.

I'm having trouble deciding on a player and team to use so I'm not sure when I'll even start mine.

Anyway, there's plenty of growth in him still, I'm sure. What I found last year with him is that I couldn't get his aerial to increase all that much when I used him. I'd always hope for 16 or higher but it would always end up 13/14. It was still good enough (and should be very good in Portugal) but I wanted more.

Keep it up, pal.

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13 hours ago, Dai_ said:

What I found last year with him is that I couldn't get his aerial to increase all that much when I used him. I'd always hope for 16 or higher but it would always end up 13/14. 

Yeah in hindsight i should have gone with someone that has better potential for max aerial as that's where the easy goals are (and my Poku tactic isn't working as well as it did last game) so we'll have to see how he does. He'll hit the big numbers no doubt it'll just be a grind...

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Season 3

Similar story to the previous year. Ups and downs. His stats grew a lot towards the end of the season so he managed to get more games in, even though he had ankle knack for two months. Same return as before with a decent 50 goals but we need to start upping this substantially now if we’re to do this is under 20 years 😂.





The team did well picking up everything apart from the Supercup. CL outweighs that anyway I’m sure ;) 




I made a few tweaks to the formation towards the end of the season and he seemed to like it more so I’m hoping to hit bigger numbers this coming season. 

The transfer merry go round continues but with some good upgrades for players who are sold. I get a lot of offers for players so have to manage the guys who are likely to kick up a fuss and upset the dressing room. No one is expendable apart from Moukoko.



Team stats:


Assists coming from all over but too many goals being scored by other players. I switched to something more defence minded towards the end of the season and that seemed to help.


Manager stats:



A good start but we really need to start getting 70+ goals a season to get this moving in the right direction. 

Goals: 157


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Season 4

The season we’ve all been waiting for. He developed well, although it looks like we’ve hit his aerial max at 14. He’s now officially a beast scoring 96 goals from 51 matches. Close to the 100 club but didn’t quite make it.  


We started the season well but mid way through I make a couple of tactical tweaks and the goals started flowing. 




Didn’t manage to win the CL and we lost a league game but all in all we had a good season. 




A few key signings in Savic and TAA. Oh and Haaland on a bosman as back up.


I sold Onana in Jan but missed the deadline to sign someone new so my 17yr old wonderkid GK was called back from loan and did a solid job for me, but he’s not quite ready yet. 



Having signed TAA I moved Lamptey up to right winger and his pace meant he was racking up the assists like no one’s business. 





Goals: 253

Next stop: the 100 club. 

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Season 4b

Got ahead of myself there as still had a match to play with Moukoko scoring two more. 98 from 52.




Also unlocked the sugar daddy achievement and was given £560m to send which seems excessive 😂 



Goals: 255

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Hahaha. Quality! That's why I wait until just before the start of the new season to round up my screenshots.

That's a much better season pal. He'll get even more than that too. I'm sure of it. 

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Season 5

He’s in his stride now hitting 109 goals from 52 games. Managed to get his aerial up to 16 at the end of the season which I’m hoping will mean even more goals next year. 


Won almost every match going aside from in the CL where we crashed out to City in the first round. Not ideal. 




I’ve got a lot of money in the bank so spent big. Fernandes was a mistake and he likes to shoot from distance and never passes the ball despite high teamwork so he’ll be straight out the door this summer. Bellingham was a Jan treat for the fans. Fits my system well but came at a cost!





Goals: 365

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Season 6

He just keeps getting better. 123 goals from 55 games. A huge season. 



Won everything as you’d expect to by this stage. 


Only transfer was Pedri in for Fernandes and 100m. I’ll take that. 




Now his aerial is up my wingers are getting plenty of assists. TAA is my corner guy but Lamptey playing right wing is a monster. 





Goals: 488

Edited by MikeF
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I'm not surprised. He is the absolute best player on the game this year (wonderkid anyway) and he looks incredible!

Keep it up mate.

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