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Help health center exhaustion


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Hi, I have a problem with some of my players at the health center, some of my players look exhausted and very inadequate even though they are not injured and have never played football (end of season).how can I solve this problem ? Is it a solution to hire a Fitness instructor as I mentioned in the images?



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first of all, thank you for your attention to the topic . However, this event that I am talking about does not appear in all the players. these players were included in the game from a very small number of top 11s or reserves. It's like I've never played the guys I'm talking about.

according to rashford, he played as much football as 4/1



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Mate he's not exhausted, he's lacking match fitness (they call it match sharpness on FM). You've basically let Donny rot on the bench for too long, or as you said he and other players

10 hours ago, hayalet said:

have never played football


You've underplayed them, so they lost that mental edge in their game. Players that have low mental sharpness are less able to perform the full 90 mins, make more errors and are more likely to injure themselves in a match.


So tempted to make an Ole reference

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the premier league is a difficult league, so I need professional players, so I will send such players on an interim basis, taking into account what you have said. Maybe this fatigue ends on the other team

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