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Tactics Lower league control 4-1-2-2-1 (OME)


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Hi all!

After some successfully completed challenges I’ve started my 1st career save in FMM22. I’ve been playing FMM games for nearly 10 years, so I’m preferring the original match engine.

After a 5 game run without a win, my season with Yeovil Town has turned into a fairytale as I’ve started using the tactic below:







A very confident Vanarama National League win:




Joe Quigley managed to score 40 goals in the league, while Charlie Wakefield provided 14 assists. However, our form was slightly declined after Wakefield’s injury in April.




Note 1: Important player attributes

First of all, I recommend you a Target Forward with some pace (e.g. Quigley). Although he will play as a Poacher, good heading is extremely important in this system, and most TFs have this attribute.

You’ll also need wingers with adequate crossing (e.g. Wakefield) and one creative guy (RP) is enough for the midfield. In the CM and BWM roles defensive midfielders will do the job perfectly.

Note 2:

It’s worth trying the Attacking and Counter mentality, but Control is the best in my experience.

In Set Pieces I left everything on default yet.

Further testing is always productive, see you next season in EFL League Two!

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13 hours ago, AA91123871 said:

could you share your striker stats?

Nothing extreme... Good heading, shooting and strenght at this level. Pace is also important.


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12 hours ago, Muhtesem said:

What is difference between original and advanced match engine? Is it affect to results?

EME is more complex than OME and requires more tactical awareness.

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Used your tactic but made a couple of tweaks. Changed the IW to IF to suit Bailey, Traore & such and played primarily as Counter. Seemed to really suit Leon Bailey.

Only struggle I had was getting anything from Buendia but I’ll just cash in on him. 





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