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Tactics The Pincer attack (2-3-2-1-2)


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Started a game with Barcelona with the intention of creating a distinctive tactic that can help put them back on top in the post Messi era.

The two main elements of this formation is a deep roaming playmaker, protected by two industrious central midfielders.There  is also two pressing forwards in the wide forward position, their main job is to cut inside and pressurise their defence while the WB’s, CM’s and roaming playmaker look to move the ball and dominate possession and chances. 

Defence is balanced, with dogged attention to closing down in our own half and keeping the games tight with near enough 53 - 60% possession in every game despite bringing through some youth players with regular match day experience, (Angelo, Delap, Gavi, Abdi, Collado, Ramos Mingo) Barcelona are currently top after 23 games and have taken the Super Cup after a dominant performance against Atletico in the final. 

Like all Tactics, still a work in progress but it seems to provide a nice framework so far.









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FWIW the Coaching set up has 

Motivational (manager) 1x defensive 1 x fitness 2 x attacking 

After each game I praise everyone rated 8 and above and berate everyone 6 or lower. 

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