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Tactics MrPeanut's Pressing, Possession & Goal's 3-2-2-3


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Mission: Play entertaining, pressing, possession based football.


+ 60% possession and 10-20 shots


Took Barcelona without any transferes and won everything the first year:

La Liga - WINNER

Spanish Cup - WINNER

Spanish Super Cup - WINNER

Champions League - WINNER










The Tactic:





Tactic Notes:

Through different matches some tweaking is required to make the the most out of the tactic.

If opposition is domonation shooting/possession:

Change FB to DFB and BBM to CM and change to attacing team mentality

If you want to secure the result:

Change the man marking BWM to CD and chang to zonal marking

If no team is dominating:

Change to attacing team mentality


Corner set up:

Delivery is mixed


1 attack near post

1 attack far post,

1 mark keeper

1 attack the ball from the edge of area

2 lurk outside area


Rest of players is stay back and make sure the one who is taking the corner is one of the players on "stay back"



Good luck!

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