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Career 1KC Ajax with Sesko season 6 - abandoning

Varf on fmm

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Hello everyone! Haven’t done 1 KC in a while. But with the amount of youngsters this year decided to try it out.

The club of choice is Ajax


But lets vote who’s going to be my star Player. No need to worry about $ or anything else because I can sign all of them and everyone is accepting contract.

  1. Starting with the youngest of the lot3BE78DCD-8193-4A68-A7D7-531D04A35BAE.thumb.png.7ccabc5be164238b043f0a7017e51986.png
  2. 3164CAB5-3FDE-4F23-A048-D102DC36EAE5.thumb.png.019525acc92bcafc30bf01c0bd481f2f.png
  3. 566C5A42-3142-4506-B56B-14560BF4467F.thumb.png.8cddfedc66d08f318274def9b7d00e7a.png
  4. 3AED6A5A-4EA2-4E23-86C2-7894289DEFDB.thumb.png.6a5e7c6b2a301ae7c5199ff18d020d53.png
  5. E598FEC4-49AF-4B09-94B6-E5AB56BF0B79.thumb.png.ee06f7395f117e53522a4a8f7c35499e.png
  6. 91A6C42C-BDAA-412F-93BE-86CE69926BAC.thumb.png.965d7ef26baa53c09a345768dddac445.png
  7. 770E7DA1-0C68-490C-A08D-1C3642097AE1.thumb.png.8a847b974fb81b606f14d0ce9f861e4f.png
  8. 586E6F9D-6129-43D2-9884-B319C7EF8F1B.thumb.png.3da2e41612dcf3bd065d81a09496c89d.png
  9. 99BAF56F-543B-4761-8272-EBAF44006905.thumb.png.0b81aaf87eb49743983f449702bc274b.png
  10. 7C9D3104-0837-4E73-B03D-83CED6C0059D.thumb.png.30aa90eda979dd706edd9ca423f33f1d.png
Edited by Varf on fmm
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Would love to see a CDK 1kc

14 minutes ago, Varf on fmm said:

Interesting … will see if we can get more votes in. Tag friends and let’s get this ball rolling 


Promise I wont spam everyone)) even though I want to

Not sure if Rob will be around anytime soon.

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I think it’s safe to say we wont get any more votes in. So we have a tie - Sesko and CDK both got 3 votes. 
As much as I love the challenge but for the sake of building the squad I’ll go with Sesko cause he is cheaper. 

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2 hours ago, Itslongshaun said:

Sorry for the late reply but I currently have CDK as a DLP and he's doing a decent job. Would love to see how he does as a striker. Atb!

Oh mate… Just a bit too late indeed. I’m halfway through first season with Sesko

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So first season is behind us. Not as I planned I must say…

We got Sesko pretty cheap. 7.5 mil plus Unuvar


He already has 22 goals. So that’s our start and we going to subtract it later on. 

Transfers out



Transfers in



Right of the bet we got terrible news… He needs to mature to advance. And he didn’t till after the season

That’s how he looked like in the end84C793ED-3AD2-407C-8E96-F0FFB9EB1832.thumb.png.2b4480a0a6cb867757529bfb525e8644.png

Barely got better at shooting. 


Struggled through Group stage CL with Shakhtar, MU and Real M. And got knocked out by Atl “park the bus” Madrid. 
No surprise winning all domestic trophies 🏆 


Not great score of 71 league goals for the team but only 14 conceded. 


I guess we are on the right pass since majority of goals came from Sesko. 
45 in 45 not too chubby for 1KC but we’ll take it. 

Almost injury free 3EE73B26-5438-4466-BA63-A59F9FDFCD47.thumb.png.79a95d17308bc738213fe280ce328296.png

And the last snap shot is Sesko’s career up to date D13E8E5C-3E6C-48DA-AC0C-43B0AF848A8E.thumb.png.05667ee9ef877440e66b7fd5ead69aae.png


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8 hours ago, MikeF said:

Great start. He looks like he’ll be perfect for this. Good luck!


4 hours ago, Itslongshaun said:

45 goals on the first season looks like a solid start atb!

Thank you guys! Slowest start ever for me though))) 

we’ll get there

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So he got over “needs to mature to progress” and this is how it went…


You should’ve seen my face when I saw Atl M in first knock out round. Right after we faced another Madrid team - Real. Chelsea in semi’s and Tottenham in Final.

As for the Eredivisie: we went unbeaten again. Defence is dominating, only 0.5 gpg conceded 


Next goal is 34 wins. 

Transfers in



Transfers out



Team stats



Manager profile 

Weird enough to me is that Youth Policy is at 3. And most of my first eleven are boys under 23.






Conclusion: I am definitely on the right path. Sesko scored majority of goals, his sub scored some as well, but overall team not going for the goal to much. Which gives Sesko the opportunity to finish. 

108 goals in two seasons. 

892 to go

PS correct me if I’m wrong: I can’t land a 🇸🇮 Slovenian job

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He’s looking good. Nice work. 

Youth policy is about bringing players from the academy vs buying players. Even if you have a young team but bought them all you’ll have low rating there. Not that important really. 

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4 hours ago, MikeF said:

He’s looking good. Nice work. 

Thank you 😊 

4 hours ago, MikeF said:Youth policy is about bringing players from the academy vs buying players. Even if you have a young team but bought them all you’ll have low rating there. Not that important really. 

Ah got you!

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Everything went as planned


Transfers in



Transfers out



Team stats









185 goals in 3 seasons... not bad

But here comes the bad part


He misses every other penalty... now I know why


Edited by Varf on fmm
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No surprise here as well


Transfers IN

I`ve decided to switch Nuno for Alphonso and add a solid Def. As a bonus I got Haaland on bosman 😃 




Transfers OUT



Team Stats




First loss since I started this save and you can`t imagine how happy my team was after the loss. A bunch struggled with media attention due to "unbeaten run" news popping up every now and then 



Sesko got injured


And at the time I didn`t realize what it meant "injury will affect his development" I guess it`s a new thing this year. But he wasn`t progressing aka gaining match experience for about a month or so after he recovered from injury. 

He was sitting at 71 goals which isn`t that bad due to injury but I completely forgot about Club World Championship. Few more games banging 9 goals put him at 80 for the season




Currently seating at 265 goals in 4 seasons. Need to buff his game up in order to complete this challenge

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Great start! The pressure players suffer from going unbeaten is too annoying, I had that all the time with Benfica. You think they'd be excited to go unbeaten, not crack under the pressure. Maybe its the youngsters that get this and it goes with experience.


Moukoko also missed most of his penalties - frustrating! 

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Nothing really changed 

Won everything this year. Davies and Lamptey my top assistants and my star signing Pedri provided as well


But Sesko stopped progressing or gaining match experience at all


339 goals in 5 seasons… not bad but could have been better 

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4 hours ago, Jack.Holt said:

Moving along very nicely. Sesko a great option this year. 

He is indeed. I start to think it’s a bug that he isn’t gaining match experience. I’m 3/4 through next season and he hasn’t changed his attributes or got any experience from games

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Season was going smooth aside from the fact that Seako didn’t improve or decreased in stats. He hasn’t gained ANY match experience. Towards the end I started tweaking tactics and came up with completely unorthodox one. 
And it went 💥 for a few games scoring 18 goals in 7 games (big numbers in terms of this career)


But last 6 games without a goal and a missed penalty in CL final


Very disappointed in this…

Still managed to win everything else


Team performance on a level 


However Sesko did only 75 which is good but not great


And the fact that he isn’t improving makes me abandon this career. I think it’s a bug or whatever CE009EE3-9B1A-4031-93EC-639479954D34.thumb.png.94ea0a4e23760b16a0b6495313c1a0cc.png


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