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Help What are some Lower League Management Tactical Tenets?


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Okay so, a few days back, I started a save with FC Magdeburg in Bundesliga 3. A little return to the grace, if you will. 

Got sacked in October. Tried again. Got sacked in September. 

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not a newbie. I’ve been playing since the days the game was called FMH, not FMM. I see myself as a decent Lower League Manager too. In FMM21, started unemployed and got appointed to Gateshead. Brought them to League 1. Moved to Tranmere, brought them to UCL glory

Potential reason why the game decided to give me a big fat F this time? I finally started creating my own tactics. In the past, I looked into some good Lower League Tactics posted for FM and adapted them for FMM. This time, I actually sat down and had a good look at my squad and tried building something around my key players. Didn’t go so well…

So… my big question is: What are some tactical tenets when creating tactics for lower league management?

For example, I’ve been looking at some FM videos, and they say to keep things simple with straight forward formations and player roles. They suggest to build tactics with only that season in mind and be prepared to rebuild the system in the following season. All this is gold IMO.

So, I’d really appreciate any ideas or knowledge you can share with me :) 


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Many tactics you see posted here will not work effectively when trudging through the lower rungs of football. Many common reasons for this are the tactic plays too fast, or expressive, or wide. All of these make your sub-par team's job more difficult. If you want to copy a tactic that was demonstrated with Bayern or United or whoever, my first suggestion would be to take all the formation instructions and turn them back one notch, including mentality. Then try turning them up again if the formation and roles work well. 


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