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Career 1KC Valencia with Christos Tzolis


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Hello guys, first attempt to start a career in forum so be easy with me :)

Valencia with Christos Tzolis , so lets start 


Season 1

It wasnt a good season. Low stats and not that many goals but i hope he will score more next season 






So to sum up 33 goals in spain plus 13 international goals makes it 42

Season 1 : 46

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13 hours ago, MikeF said:

Good luck mate. He looks like a good prospect, nice stats in the right areas to be a danger up front. 

Thank you my friend , i will surely need the luck 🤣

Season 2

Season 2 wasnt again special for Tzolis. Im trying to find the right tactic to make him score more . He did a bit better this year but still... 








So 35 domestic goals plus 14 international makes it 49 . Not good but not bad either. If i want to succeed i have to find a way to make him better. The problem with tzolis is that he doesnt want to be mentored . I had guedes to mentor him for shooting pace and movement but they dont get well together . Also bought diego costa for aerial and shooting but he didnt get together either .

Season 1 : 46

Season 2 : 49


Overall : 95/1000

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10 hours ago, Laddi90 said:

Which position he playing for Valencia  [sucks at Norwich]

I use him as a poacher . In real life he is more compatible as a left insife forward. Tzolis is the best forward greece has produced for many years now. To tell you the truth Farke didnt gave him the opportunity to make what he can . He used as a substitute for 20-30 minutes per game . He is quick , he is capable with the ball in his feet , he has amazing shoot and in real life he is very focused . 

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Season 3

so this year had the ups and the downs. The good thing is that his stamina went up and he can now play more games in season . The bad thing is that he had a 2 month injury in the beginning of the season.







again the same season. If he continue like this i will fail the 1kc . I tried different formation and it went a little bit better but nothing impressive. I tried everything but i cant make him score at least double goals of what he is scoring now . Any tip will be appreciated as its the first time trying to complete 1kc challenge.


Season 1 : 46

Season 2 : 49

Season 3 : 46

Overall : 141/1000

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16 hours ago, Laddi90 said:

Which position he playing for Valencia  [sucks at Norwich]

Using him as PF in my norwich save, inconsistent but often bang a hattrick against poor clubs

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Season 4


Things start to going well. He has his first decent season and im really happy with this . I hope soon he will score more than 100 goals in a season 




He now has favoured club Valencia





Very good season with 63 domestic goals and 15 international . So we have 78 goals 

Season 1 : 46

Season 2 : 49

Season 3 : 46

Season 4 : 78

Overall : 219/1000

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