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Help Getting the best out of Greenwood


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Hi all,

Having a really good 2 seasons with United, currently unbeaten since taking over.

However I'm really struggling to get many goals from Greenwood, he's being matched or even outperformed by both Bruno Fernandes and Rashford. Have attached some screenshots. 

I know I'm playing with a Shadow Striker, but still really disappointed with Greenwood's form.

Something else to note is in the training section, he's appearing as a right winger so not able to change his training to that of a poacher.

Any advice on how to tweak the squad to get more goals out of him or general improvements would be really appreciated!

Screenshot_20211214-161044_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211214-161056_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211214-161118_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211214-161328_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20211214-161146_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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Stop playing with so many other players who are looking to shoot. IFs and SS leaves a poacher redundant. Make Sancho an IW, push Bruno back to CM and play Greenwood as SS, etc. Less other goal scorers if you want him to score more.

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If you're not going for a goal challenge then I think you're fine. 

Push Bruno to CM, he'll always shoot when he gets the chance, Sancho and Rashford will rather cut in and shoot rather than squaring the ball to Mason

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