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Hey. I’ve been playing FM22mobile for a few weeks now and have had a lot of frustration as I have had various new games with various different teams and I always struggle to score goals but also I don’t concede many either. Was asking for some help to Score more!!!!34D7C9CD-5F2D-4068-AEEE-6E71FA23EAE3.thumb.png.3b824cf2073af185c86659e63d54863e.png

this is a screen shot of my second season with Yeovil and as you can see scores and conceded are very low. 


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So am I, I also play 41221 but luckily I won Bundesliga in 65 points by goal difference (17-14-3, 37-16)🤣. I changed my W to IW on my 2nd bundesliga season (with 1860 munchen), then it works. I think you could also buy striker and winger with 15+ pace because it's vital for the game.

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Try and experiment a bit with the 'final third' options, as currently you've got none set:


With your setup, I'd enable 'Look For Overlap' as you're using WingBacks. For the other ones, it depends on your players. If your wingers have decent pace/dribbling/technique then 'Run At Defence' could be a good shout, or if they've got better passing/creativity/decisions (and good Movement from your striker) then 'Through Balls' is a better option. 

Also, you've got 2 BWM's - that seems a bit overkill. I'd swap Worthington to a BBM or Melo to a DLP (depending on which suits the new role better). 

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1 hour ago, Luket22 said:

Thanks for the help. Like I said tho I have tried tweeking all the above mentioned and it makes no difference. So frustrating……

It seems to me that your team is strongly unbalanced to defence.

I don't know you attacker charateristics, but seen like this, he will be the lone one to conduct the attacks with the support of the two wingers, and since they are wingers they will not frequently cut into the area..
Indeed when you attack the two BWM and the two CD will not help at all. Try changing the defender with best Passing abilities to "BPD", one of the BWM to AP and the other to CM or DLP.

Then the two wingers, if one of them have some dribbling/shooting/movement abilities, switch to IF, so that he will help the attacker in scoring.


Ah and, after changing those charateristics, wait 4-5 games before judging the results.

Your team shiuld get used to the new tactic.

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