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Improving and maintaining good club culture and relationship

Club culture ::: A culture is the expression of a team's values, attitudes, and beliefs about sports and competition. It determines whether, for example, the team's focus is on fun, mastery, or winning, or whether it promotes individual accomplishment or team success.!!!!

There are factors to consider while trying to build a good club culture amongst your players


1-:Tactics.... Maintaining a single tactic is vital to your club culture i didn't say u can't train in many tactics but you should always focus your team on playing just one tactic in every match until you notice them slipping in form then you divert into another tactic you've trained dem on...


2... Signings we all go straight into getting the best guns for our team you can imagine a single position having players up to 5 senior players dat are worthy of playing a first team in different clubs honestly you're killing the culture because the relationship between them will be poor...


3...Nationality :-bcos Spanish teams av good olayers with nice release clauses doesn't mean there are better dan English or Italian players.... Wat i mean is once you're in charge of a team make sure your first team players are dominated by players from the country you're managing... Dis is bcos having too many different nationality affect their communication and relationships on the pitch of play as we all know some players will be like there are not willing to learn English or French and some will be like there are home sick imagine signing Haland and he's ur best player and he says hes not willing to learn your clubs language den youre doomed bcos he wont score anymore due to lack of communication on the pitch dis dis is where da master of all comes in... Your......


        Youth team

Develop good youth players from the said country you're managing... Use ur scout to get u good youth players with high team attributes and players that are willing to play and are not selfish.... With dis i hope your manager career goes swiftly any further questions is welcomed.... Enjoy your game and remember everything revolves around good youth players 

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