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Help Counter attacking tactics


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Does anyone know how to create a good counter attacking tactic?

Attacking tactics always seem to be fairly easy to create and implement but struggle with creating a more defensive tactics. 

what formations would be best and what types of players would fit counter attacking tactics best?

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Same here, tried with chelsea last year never really dominated the league despite having top class defender


Tried 5 defender with a libero , always mess the game


Curious to see how the pros would create a tactic based of counter attack 

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As far as my knowledge of the games goed, a counter attack is ‘made’ by itself in the game. You guys never had a goal scored in a fluid counter after a corner or something like that? I’ve played a lot on a counter mentality but that didn’t help. 

So as far as im concerned there is no counter tactics cause your team Counters when there is space automaticly. I could be wrong 

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