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Career Goal-a-Mile in Portugal - Huge Season!


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I am back on Vibe, and I decided that my first career back would be a long one!

Inspired by @Mr Tree's various odysseys over the years(can be found here or here), and the ticket to ride version created by @George Traistă last year which I played in, I have decided to undertake the solo version.

Here is the original challenge, created by @Ashez

Essentially how it works is you have to get from one destination to another, and every goal scored by a certain striker is a mile you can move

However, instead of going to the UK or to Italy as Mr Tree did a few years ago, I have decided to go a new direction - Portugal

Now, this required some research, so I used a popular search engine, and found the northernmost and southernmost clubs in (mainland) Portugal


The northernmost club in Portugal is CD Cultural de Montalegre image.png.f134471abc7e4934e0d9d73df89ab75c.png

And the southernmost (mainland) club is SC Farense image.png.43e626b016ca9b04477322528d42538e.png

I say mainland, as Portugal has teams in its leagues from the Azores and Madeira, a set of islands in the Atlantic ocean, and if they were included the journey would be about 3x as long, so I decided to stick to the mainland😁

I am starting with Montalegre, because ... I am. 

So, let's hope this goes well, and that I don't get bored after a few seasons and discard it, as has happened to many careers in the past. I will post the first season soon.




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Here it is, the much awaited Season 1.

As already stated we have arrived at the Estadio dr. diogo vas pereira, to manage third tier Montalegre


(Btw one of the great stadium names, not a clue who Dr Diogo is)



And the first order of business was to appoint the first mile-getter




Never heard of him, but hopefully he can live up to the name and bang in a few

Now, the Portuguese third tier isn't quite the levels of the the Portuguese fourth tier in terms of complexity, but it definitely ain't simple! Essentially there are 12 teams in a league who play each other twice, then top 4 go into 2 promotion groups with the other top 4 from the other league , and bottom 8 into a relegation group. Then, the top team in each group gets promoted and does a play-off to determine the champion, while 2nd place play each other for a chance to face 16th in the second tier. And the relegation group is even more complex

Confused yet?😂

In the first league stage we finished 3rd, as I was trying to figure out my best players, formation etc


Then, in the promotion group


We somehow topped the group, despite being 3 points behind Felgueiras having played them twice and not beaten them with 2 games left, they contrived to lose both of their next games 🤷‍♂️

This set up a final against previous league winners Fafe


Which we lost to a masterclass from a 36 year old Graziano Pelle. This is going to be a strange career isn't it.

But all of that means we will be in the second division next year

So how did the real Salah get on?




He is developing nicely, and 20 goals isn't a bad return at all. Also, the team only played 30 games all season. As i said, Portuguese third tier - strange. 

He was top scorer by a long way as well



Here were our transfers, took a scattergun approach as recruitment is hard



Best performers



The player with one of the funnier names topped the assists charts


Angola from err... Angola. Very creative name.

Had this great message saying I had a great start to the season ... in April.



So, apologies for the long read, I will try and keep the nest posts shorter and more frequent. We have 20 miles in the bank, with nearest clubs on the route generally around 50 miles away, so about a season and a bit before I can consider moving.

Thank you for reading, I am going to hope that the Portuguese second tier is a lot less confusing.


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12 hours ago, Rich said:

Good start mate and Graziano and you have now got a personal fight for every year set up! 

Cheers Rich, although it looks like it’s going to be a 35 year old Jeremy menez this year 

11 hours ago, broodje kip said:

Great season and Mo- oops, I mean, Salah was very good.

Mo Salah who? Cheers mate, he was a surprisingly good pickup

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Thanks for the comments, they are much appreciated.

After the heroic promotion of last season, I was optimistic for this season, in a league that didn't split into 16 different parts

However, it has been anything but plain sailing


And this time, the message was entirely correct


It has been such a struggle, as Montalegre have the lowest reputation by far in the league, of 1.5 stars while everyone else is 2.5 stars or higher. Teams two tiers below are generally 2 star reputation, which shows the struggle. This has meant recruitment has been horrible, with no one wanting to play for us, as our budget is 12k, the same as some National league teams in England. Meanwhile, teams around us have players like Choupo-Moting and Labyad from Ajax, so I am amazed we have done as well as we have

We even had a nice cup run, losing to 2 late goals in the quarter final


Salah has carried on his good form as well


But the team did not



So there are 7 games to go


And, if you look at the league table, the next three are massive games, as they are the teams around us. The last 4 on the other hand I will be happy to get anything out of. So it is make or break time

Thank you for reading and wish me luck 😁 ( I am going to need it!)

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Good luck mate - but the important thing, of course, is not whether you stay up, but whether Mo has got enough goals to get you in range of a move! 

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Thank you for the comments @Mr Tree and @Paul186, It is easy to forget that the goals are more important than the results! I always err on the side of conceding fewer goals, so will need to figure something out

So, the run in.

First up was the team in fourteenth, who I am going to call the green team


0-0, although we were the better team, so a frustrating one

Next was Fafe, the team who beat us in the final last year. We needed a result here


Another draw, and of course Pelle scored @Rich 

Finally Chaves, the team in last place, who were flying earlier in the season. We had to win


And we did.

So 5 points out of a possible 9, not a bad return at all

But then, the wheels fell off


No points from the last 4 games, a dreadful run. Had we done enough?



For the first time in a long time, a team I have managed has been relegated. The odds were always against us, but it still shocks me

The main man did quite well though




So I can now move a total of 41 miles, which is probably still not enough to get a move at this point, from what I have seen. However, I will try to get a move as soon as possible, but my reputation is still local, so it may be hard.




Had one large sale as needed the money and he wasn't improving or playing well

Best performers (none of whom were that good)




So, we have 41 miles in the bank. I will be looking for moves and checking the job centre, but it might require another half a season.

Thank you for reading and your comments are much appreciated, I am going to try and get my head round what has just happened.

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I was hoping to do a mid season post celebrating a new job, but a combination of local rep and lack of jobs scuppered that plan, so you join us at the end of the season

After the relegation last season, we had lots of offers coming in, so we made a substantial profit, cashing in on players who weren't good enough at the tier above



Despite the significant sales our finances were still shown as insecure, no clue why. The focus in recruitment was on youth, with every player brought in under the age of 23, to try and enable us to push on (and develop players for use at later clubs)

Onto the results

The cup was less of a success then last year


But the league went much better




We went one step further than two years ago, winning the whole league, which lead to this


Regional reputation baby!  On the way up (ignore domestic player bias😁)

And the main man had another stellar season


25 goals this time, and probably should have been more, as he became distracted and wanted to leave for the last part of the season, barely scoring in the last 6 or 7 games. Luckily, the promotion smoothed things out, so he should be firing for next season if needed. Annoyingly, just like Mo against Leicester, he misses penalties a lot.

Best performers


Special shoutout to these two


Otadui was by far signing of the season, playing in the shadow striker role, scoring crucial goals when Salah had thrown his toys out the pram


And Colubali was the workhorse of the team, providing assists rather than scoring and always winning at least 8 headers a game. Sadly, he is looking like he is going to be replaced by one of the youngsters


So, after 3 seasons, it leaves us with 66 miles in the bank


I was looking for a move most of the second half of the season, applying to a job in the same division and one in the division below, and was rejected from both😡. However, now I am known regionally, hopefully the job offers will start flowing in 😁

Thank you for reading.

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Cheers @Paul186, sadly just before you sent that I had already moved!


A 61 mile trip to a club recently promoted to the lowest playable league in Portugal




Here's what the squad looked like when I arrived


A bit of a blank canvas one might say.

Now, I have a dilemma.

I need to chose my miler, and it is between these two



I am inclined to choose the first one, but neither of them have been prolific in friendlies, as I am struggling to find the right tactic.

So hopefully we can have a successful season in the 3 games in the calendar in the PT Championship

Thanks for reading, comments are always appreciated.


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Thanks for the comments @Rich @broodje kip @Paul186 @geordiekrispy and @StuartM, I decided to go with Lahaye in the end, purely for the aerial prowess and that he is listed as a decent penalty and free kick taker. And, its going quite well so far!


9 goals in 11 games isn't bad going, especially considering I keep forgetting the sort out my corner routines! His attributes are improving as well



However, you may be wondering why we have only played 11 games and it is January. No Lahaye hasn't been injured, its just no one wants to play football in the PT Championship


We have game every other week, although Jurgen Klopp would probably still complain about fixture congestion.

Signing of the season so far though has to be this man


Just look at those attributes for a fourth tier team

We need to get promoted this year, otherwise we aren't going to play enough games to move anywhere! So hopefully we can carry on the good form and Lahaye keeps scoring

Thanks for reading



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Thanks for the comments @Rich @Gonzolito @Paul186, the season went about as well as it could!


Promotion at the first time of asking, with a couple games to go

And, we even won the overall title


After complaining that we didn't play any games in the first part of the season, after the first league stage of 14 games we entered a second league stage of 14 games played in half the time, so we were playing 2 games a week rather than a game every other week. Whoever comes up with these formats is a madman or a genius, and I'm not sure which.

First table is first stage, second table is second stage, and also our amazing cup run



Also special mention to the team that finished 3rd in the first stage, Pevidem, as I was rejected by them last year when they were in the 3rd division, and now they are in the non-playable leagues. They must be regretting it now😁.

Onto our miler, and I definitely made the right choice


26 goals from 27 games is a very decent return, and he is looking like a very good player now.

Other best performers


Fonseca was brilliant, as was Pinto. You can see how Bafounta is a star player, look at that average rating🤩





 I was ruthless with letting people go

As for the old boys, they almost did better than last time they got promoted


So close yet so far

Salah carried on his good form as well


So, we will be facing the old boys next season.


At the end of the successful season, we have 26 miles. I will probably stay at Freamunde for the whole of next year, but will keep my eye on the job screen.


Thanks for reading.

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