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Help Save Data Won't Delete.


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I've encountered a problem where I can't save a new game. 

I've deleted the save files in the folder in my documents.

I create a new game and save it. 

But when I go to load it back up in the game, my old saves are there in every slot and my new save isn't accessable. 

I've tried deleting all the data and uninstalling the game, but even when I re-install I encounter the same issue. 

New save made, this is the only game saved currently. 


Proof that the only save is the one I just made. 


This is when I try to load my game back up. 



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1 hour ago, Rich said:

I’m not sure what the answer is, I think your best bet is to post it on their website:



Thanks. It seems that there was a similar issue which I have added a comment to. 

Although it was 'being looked into' in November and there's been no update since, so I wouldn't hold my breath. 

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