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Career 1kc Fabio Silva


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Merhaba arkadaşlar yıllardır bu forumu takip ediyorum ve edindiğim bilgiler doğrultusunda bir mücadele başlatmak istiyorum. (Çeviri için üzgünüm🙏)

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I'm not entirely sure, but Fabio Silva, the player I chose for this career, I've completed the first season for now, everything seems fine, at least for now








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Hi.i haven't try this challenge yet but here is tip for you.try to build you squad in one season and then do not make any transfer until some players get old like 33 or 34 years old.from what i know even if you have player that have 15 shoot,16 pace and others normal if he plays whole season with he's team the next seasons he will get at least 40 goals in 40 game.hope this can help you.  

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2 hours ago, Eliya said:

Merhaba.Henüz bu mücadeleyi denemedim ama işte size tüyo.Bir sezonda kadronuzu oluşturmaya çalışın ve ardından bazı oyuncular 33 veya 34 yaşında olana kadar herhangi bir transfer yapmayın.Bildiğim kadarıyla 15 şut, 16 tempo ve diğerleri normal olan bir oyuncunuz var, önümüzdeki sezon takımıyla bütün sezon oynarsa, 40 maçta en az 40 gol atacaktır. umarım bu size yardımcı olabilir.  

Thank you for your advice, my friend, they will be more efficient when the communication between the players is active, you are right.

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Excellent! Been following your 1k challenges an was wondering if I could bother you for some tips on tactics for my own personal attemp?  thanks.

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