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Career Derby county rebuild


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This will be a fun career mode!

Derby have been very unfortunate with point deductions ect money issues ect.





Avoid relagation but -21 points at the moment could be a huge mountain to climb. But im hopeful.







No budget, over the wage bill. Don't see many transfers happening. Unless i sell key players. 


Hopefully you follow along and can give me advice ect  :)


Whether its ways to make money. Grind through tough games ect.

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End of season 1 sorry for the wait

I'll take it as a success avoided relagation.


I wont lie it was a very hard season i genuinely thought there was no chance of staying up.


I utilised the loan market in January and signed a few stars. Dunno if its cheating the kinda players i got but i they were available and i could afford there wages to why not.




Smith rowe 

Ended up returning back to there clubs as they kept getting injuries 




stats at the end of the season.


hopefully were do better next season as we wont have a points deduction. 


Thank you for reading :)

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1 hour ago, shosky said:

Great job. I did a Derby career but too lazy to post. 4th in the Premiership now in my 2nd season.Screenshot_2022-01-08-14-01-03-606_com_sega.soccer.manager.thumb.jpg.73312a9797f10a0d0e9b6535290363ac.jpg

Unbelievable second season there. Im currently on mine im 1st atm but its only November at the moment 

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season 2.






by far the best and most fun I've had on football manager. Target from the board was mid table. Wasn't expecting Newcastle to be in my league by we move. 







didn't wanna sell  soloman or brown. But made sure i put 20% sell on clause as there both young and had good potential. 

Knight couldn't decline as i needed to make signings and it was good money kinda. Will definitely look to resign in the future.





Tom Heaton by far my best signing he was very solid. Was a free agent and thought why not. Played every game just amazing.

Loan signings definitely helped.

Cole parmer was the top scorer 26 goals in 45 games from RW.


Premier league football next season will try to utilise the loan market again for sure but more try and sign 2 top players and slowly mould my team over the next 2 or 3 seasons.


Thank you for reading :)

Screenshot_20220112-021330_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220112-021342_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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Season 3 and 4 




Top scorer that 3rd season was kang in lee. New signing nunes not far behind but was a very hard struggle. 


Signings in


jjust about avoided relagation. Just couldn't string any  results together those 6/8 of those wins came between February and may


Following season Sacked


Not gunna lie i thought the following season would be slightly more easier but holy cow it was evan harder. 



Ultimately ended in being sacked. 


I will likely revisit Derby again one day loved the career. Had so much fun with it.



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