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Career Dai's Badge Collection. ✔


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So, instead of a career thread for each challenge I'll keep them all here. Helps keep things tidy. 😊

The concept started on last years version and I'm happy to see it started again this year. It's a nice break from any long-term careers on the go.

If you haven't seen it. Check it out HERE.


Badge 01: The Egyptian King

Link to the challenge is HERE.








Added players to fit my system. Also, got rid of some of the players I'm not fond of.





Considering I didn't really pay attention to the Cups or Europe it's remarkable that I managed to win everything. Easily too. The one loss in the League came away to Man City in the 4th game of the season.




As I mentioned on the Challenge thread, losing Salah to the AFCON is a slight inconvenience. He missed three games that could have bumped the score up a bit.

Seems I might need to work a little on my tactic. It's my 50/50 1kc tactic I used last year. Whilst it seems good, I think I could get more from a player like Salah. My corner setup was outstanding last year but it seems less effective on this years version. Another thing I'm going to have to play around with.


Goals: 36

Assists: 30


Overall, a decent score but one I'll be looking to improve on at some point.


Top Performers:



Manager Profile:



Thanks for reading! 👍

Could you add me to the leaderboard please, @Rich.

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Just now, Rocket said:

Nice score mate, unlucky with the AFCON tho, hopefully you’ll get a bit luckier if u try again

Cheers man. Yeah, as I said, a bit of an inconvenience but that's the game. I'll come back for another go at your score. 😉

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Awesome season Dai, I knew you’d smash it, unlucky with the AFCON cause that would have been an even bigger score. Shall add you to the leaderboard now 😁

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