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Challenges The Reverse Shearer Challenge

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I know I’ve got your attention as that just sounds weird… but stick with me…


We all know that Shearer is quite frankly the GOAT in terms of Premier League strikers (no, you can’t argue with me on that 😊)



We should all know that for all that whilst he’s a Geordie, he didn’t start there.

He got his professional start at Southampton where he played from 1988 (he did play as a youth for them from ’86 to ’88) until 1992 when got a transfer to Blackburn Rovers where he quite frankly set the world alight with his power, pace (yes he used to have it) and pointy elbows. Helping them win their first and only Premier League title in 1996. After a semi-successful Euro ’96 tournament he followed his heart and signed for a then world record transfer fee of 15m to join his boyhood club of Newcastle United, spurning the chance to get lots of medals and trophies with Man Utd.


Now we come to the real point in this challenge… Adam Armstrong.



He started as a youth academy graduate at Newcastle, becoming their second youngest player to play a top flight game. Let’s just say that he struggled to get game time under several managers and ended up going out on loan a fair bit…

 After a decent loan at Blackburn where he helped get them promoted from League One, he managed to get a permanent transfer to them and helped solidify them in the Championship scoring a decent amount of goals.

Last summer he made the next step in his career and signed for Southampton in the Premier League, whilst he hasn’t pulled up any trees yet, you can now help him make him into a Shearer style legend!


If we look at Shearer’s goal scoring record it gets off to a relatively slow start, before going, quite frankly ballistic, then slowing down to the more consistent Shearer we all know and love.



If we now take a look at Armstrong’s record it’s not too dissimilar, just in with the clubs swapped around (minus the crazy gpg ratio at Blackburn).



Challenge Rules

Goal of the Challenge: The goal is simple and that is to score as many (or more) goals as Shearer in all competitions in roughly the same time frame.

Length of the Challenge: You need to be able to better Shearer’s overall record in the same number of seasons he played professionally and unfortunately to start with, you’re playing catch up as Armstrong has already played 8 of a maximum of 19 seasons, so you’ve got 10 seasons left!

Team Selection: You must manage Southampton in this challenge, you can also take charge of England if you want to do the additional section and replicate Shearer’s England exploits as well.

Transfers: You can do as many or as few transfers in and out as you wish. You may not use the sugar daddy, no transfer window, no loan restrictions or any other unlockables though.

Leaderboard Score: Your score will simply be the number of games it took to score the same number of goals as Mr Shearer did in his career; 379 goals in 734 games (that’s his full 18 professional seasons).

Proof: To be eligible for the leaderboard you must post proof that you followed the rules and of your score. This is best done as a career thread with screenshots of your transfers, some player profiles (eg top scorer) and manager profile at the very least.

Rules: You must use a vanilla DB with no edits at all, no IGE or PGE, no unlockables although coaching badge and reputation can be whatever you wish, no reloading or cheating in any way.


Additional challenge: Replicating Shearer’s England exploits as well, so you’ve got to get Armstrong to score more than 30 goals in 63 games (over the 10 seasons).




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Interesting challenge. I completed the Alan Shearer challenge with Armstrong a few years ago. Might be worth having a crack at this at some point.

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