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Career Badge 01 - Stu and The Mo Show


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Hi folks, this is my first attempt at one of the badges of honour. This was a pretty cool addition lasy year and so I thought I'd join in this time around.



I don't normally start saves at the big clubs and go for maximum goals and assists so its a bit outside my comfort zone.

As you know, this one is all about Mo. He's a pretty decent player so surely even my ineptitude could yield a decent number.

Having seen some healthy numbers posted by others, it seemed I was missing out on plenty of goals from set pieces, so this was my plan for getting Mo's assists up.

There was not that much to do with the squad as Liverpool are already pretty good, I wasn't too bothered about getting bargain deals either.


So, how did we do? We were doing well and got a bit of attention:


But then blew it in a pretty underwhelming game...


I think this was whilst Mo was away, with Egypt and the man himself doing pretty well on my save.


We clinched the title in good time 🥳 but then had a bit of a injury blow with Mo missing the run in 😡



Mo got plenty of accolades and deservedly so, he is a class act. I think I only had one or two 6s and 2 missed pens I think all season.



(And missing screenshot for African player of the year)



The FA Cup was added to the League, the final was the only game I played my A team in all season.



Where did the main man end up? Well, I rested him a couple of times, lost him for a few games through injury and with Egypt doing so well in the African Nations, his total was 27 + 20 = 47 from 28 games.

Nothing to terrify those of you seasoned in these challenges but it was quite good for me!


One other highlight from me, Matip was quite good from corners, providing Mo with most of his assists.


Manager profile for completeness:


Thanks for taking a look!

Edited by StuartM
Extra screenshot
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Really good score that Stu especially with the injuries and losing him to AFCON. Good stuff mate, I’ll add you to the leaderboard now.

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