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Challenges Ryan Reynolds Challenge

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Not sure if it's cheating to use a rich benefactor, or if this challenge has been done, but I'm doing it at the moment - start with a non-league team (+ rich benefactor) and spend your entire transfer budget on a brand new team of young players, plus any more experienced free transfers etc. Get rid of all the clutter from the original team except the players that could be useful as mentors.

Then with these youngsters as your core team, get promoted every single season all the way to the top tier. I'm currently top of L2 in my second season with Altrincham with these fantastic youngsters (mostly free transfers, now worth six figures) -


Bamelis/Burton (Bishop S2)

King/Wisdom/Balmer/Hamilton (Gordon S2)

Bahlouli/Carroll/Corbett/Lloyd/Pendlebury/Rémi (Seedorf, Carbon, Bynoe-Gittens S2)

J Thomas/Yayi Mpie/R Richards/Javi Llabres/Oliva (Rijkhoff S2)

Rijkhoff & B-G were an absolute steal, Dortmund transfer listed them for my 2nd season & I got them at £120k and £300k

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