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Career Raven: Badge 1 and Goal per game challenge


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Hi all

Been away from FMM for some time due to lack of time. But decided to try a short challenge (Badge 1). 
Being fan of Man Utd a Liverpool save is not my first priority. So to have some fun, my goal for this challenge was to score loads of goals, and then hope Salah would join the party. And he did…


Didn’t want to spend much time on transfers for a one season challenge with a great team. Bought Vlahovic and Adeyemi to strengthen the attack. 




I used an overload 2-3-2-3 tactic with Salah playing the central attacker. The aim of the tactic was (not surprisingly) to create chances for most of the team and corners (for Van Dijk). I think one could get more goal involvements from Salah if the tactics is more focused on him. But I wanted to score goals. 


One of the main results of the season was Algeria beating Egypt 2-0 in the second round of AFCON, meaning that Salah only missed 1 League game (and 1 FA Cup game). 
Otherwise I won the Premier League with ease scoring 159 goals, but also conceding 70 goals. 
My reserves played all cup games except two Champions League games (Quarter final with one week to next League match and the Final). Lost to City in both domestic cups, but managed to win Champions League with Salah and Van Dijk scoring a hattrick. 



Player stats

Salah and Van Dijk (corners to penalty spot) were my main goalscorers. Salah provided most assists mainly as corner taker. Trent also provided a few assist playing as central midfielder. 



Mo Salah

As seen above Salah had a great season. He scored 42 league goals and adding 43 assists, which gives a challenge score of 85. 



Goal per game challenge

This was not an aim of this career. But ended up scoring a total of 225 goals in 56 games which makes it 4.02 goals per game. 




A very fun short challenge with one of the best players in the world. 
Maybe it is time for a longer challenge 😊
Thanks for reading. 

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Welcome back mate and you’ve back in style, what a great season and performance by Salah, I shall add you to the leaderboard now 👏🏻

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20 hours ago, Rich said:

Welcome back mate and you’ve back in style, what a great season and performance by Salah, I shall add you to the leaderboard now 👏🏻


1 hour ago, Albionic said:

Massive score there, good work. >4 Goals per game is very impressive!

Thanks both 

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