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Career Rich Collecting Badges (1 ☑️)

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Hello and welcome to the topic where I will keep all my careers in regards to the badges of honour, which can be found here:

So the first challenge was one with Mo Salah which I was really looking forward to using as I think I had created a great tactic in my 500/500 career with Alberton Moleiro. You can also find the Mo Salah challenge here:

The Egyptian King

So anyway on to the challenge which I completed in 4 hours today, my plug and play tactic didn’t need changing whilst doing this challenge and I think I’ve created something special here, which I will release once I finish my 500/500.



So I know what was needed for each position of this tactic so I went in knowing what I wanted, I think I done well with who I got and they suited what I wanted.






So an unbelievable season but what really was annoying is, our draw came in the last game of the season away at Watford, that’s FMM for you. You gotta think with all them goals, Mo Salah had to be involved in a lot of it?

Manager Profile


Mo Salah


So yeah unreal, almost a bit embarrassed because it’s so unrealistic. But even his sub Curtis Jones was unreal when he came on, so the tactic really works well. I can’t wait to get back to my Moleiro one now. I was lucky he only missed one league game to AFCON. I really thought this challenge would be one like the Bruno one last year where I try it a few times but I don’t think I need to this time. As he managed to get 97.

Thanks for reading, your comments are more than welcome. Looking forward to doing the next challenge now.



Nearly forgot to post these games which were stand out.




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2 minutes ago, StuartM said:


Thanks Stu, gotta love anyone with 19 shooting 😝


1 minute ago, broodje kip said:

Expecting 140 points for your next try

I’m expecting 5 goals and 5 assists every game off him next time.

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I've just realised that my effort is less than half this 🤣, though I have got a better tactic now. Maybe I can get within 40 now!

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3 hours ago, Dai_ said:

Brilliant! You know how I feel about this. 😂😁

Thanks Dai, was nice to do it the proper way 😂


1 hour ago, StuartM said:

I've just realised that my effort is less than half this 🤣, though I have got a better tactic now. Maybe I can get within 40 now!

Yours played like 10 less games though mate and plus I been working on a tactic for this for 5 seasons 😂


41 minutes ago, Titjes said:

Fantastic score mate, well done 😮😁

Thanks Tits, very happy with it 😁


16 minutes ago, Miki33 said:

Good job mate Very fantastic 💎😄

Thanks mate, appreciate it 😁


13 minutes ago, Albionic said:

Yeah, not bad 😂. only the 2.5 GA per game. That is one monster of a tactic you have created there!

He’s incredible, haven’t used a player as good as him for a challenge before, except for maybe Fernandes last year. Thanks mate 😁

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Hey rich unreal effort absolutely amazing.  Question what tactic do you use? Id be interested in trying it on a save. Obviously if you dont wanna share thats fine :) but brilliant mate 

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