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Career Badge #1 Mo Salah.


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Hi guys. 

Thought I’d have a crack at Badge #1 this afternoon and these are my results; 





A fair amount of business done. I was trying a completely new tactic so wanted the best I could get for that. In hindsight, my team took a while longer to gel than what was ideal. 






Took the league with some ease, struggled in the cups due to playing a B team all the way through to keep my A team (And Salah) as fresh as possible. 




Fairly impressive seasons I reckon, I did tweak with his role a few times which probably didn’t help. He really started to score me a few points in the last third of the season, so I am quite tempted to try again at some point, with the tactic that I finished the season off with. 

I was helped with the fact that he had a 10 day injury just around the same time as international call ups, and because of that he didn’t get called him meaning I didn’t miss him for any length of time due to AFCON. 





So that’s it. My total is; 

46 goals + 27 assists = 73 Total. @Rich if you could add me to the leaderboard please mate. 

Not the highest score so far, but not poor at the same time. 
Also, I am using PF in this tactic and struggled to find the ‘ideal’ man, so any suggestions would be appreciated ha. 


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14 hours ago, Rich said:

Great season mate and Salah did great, I shall add you to the leaderboard now 👏🏻


14 hours ago, Dai_ said:

That's a good score man. Well done. 


13 hours ago, StuartM said:

Great score that, well done 👏


2 hours ago, Titjes said:

Good score mate, well done 🙂

Thanks guys. 

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