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Career 1kc Satriano

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hello friends, I wanted to try Satriano for 1k challenge, I want to share the results with you, thank you in advance to those who read

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The second season was going great until I got injured for 3 weeks.



I also received an offer from the Uruguayan national team and accepted hesitantly (Satriano has not yet worn the national jersey)


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1 hour ago, Scratch said:

Good luck mate - great striker, great start!

thank you man i owe you i play for you 😉

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Season 2 results 



My profile 


Martin Satriano



Club Goal 100

İnt Goal 7

Overall 107

2.Season 170 GOAL

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He's developed so well. This will be the first 20 aerial I have seen from a striker. Wonderful start from him

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Season 4 results 






Martin Satriano 



Club Goal 111


İnt Goal 17


Overall 128


4.Season 416 GOAL

Edited by inter7
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On 15/01/2022 at 17:20, inter7 said:

My career ended because I accidentally overwritten the log file, thank you for reading

hate it when you do that, did the same with mine at United :(

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