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Career There is a 50/50 chance of completion.


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Welcome to my 50/50 attempt. Scoring & assisting 500 goals with the same player. That player is of course Ryan Gravenberch.

I have already completed two seasons and halfway through the third, as I wanted to try and get this going before I committed to posting, but still there is a chance that if numbers drop, so will the challenge, hence the title ha 😂

Season One; 

So I forgot to get the screenshot of him at the start of the game, but I am sure you are all pretty much aware that he starts off with a decent set of stats, which can only get better. 







So pretty much a whole squad change. The problem with PSG is that, yes they have a lot of money, but the players that start at the club aren’t best suited to playing a team game, and trying to send everything through one player, unless of course that player is Mbappe. 




Everything won, the CWC carried onto the next season. The league is one of the easiest to win in the game, so no real surprises with that in reality. 



So he upgraded nicely, some good improvements to passing and dribbling, still want his shooting and crossing to improve, to hopefully get more assists from corners. 


Finished the season with 31 goals & 37 assists. Not stupidly high numbers, but a solid base to work from. I did keep tinkering with the tactic throughout the season, and something did click a little near the back end of the season, so fingers crossed I have something working now. 

Manager profile for good measure; 


Thats it for now, season two is finished and will probably be updated tomorrow. Thanks for reading. 
Apologies for any formatting issues in this post, uploading via my tablet for the first time and still getting to grips with how it looks on here rather a PC.


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Season 2;







So a fair few going out, including Mbappe. He is incredible, but just doesn’t suit the challenge so had to get rid as he was getting unhappy at game time. 
Incoming wise, quite a focus on youth. I wanted to get to a point where I didn’t even need to bother with any transfers for a few seasons, so the incomings of Nianzou, Zicci, Madueke all coming in to be bled into the first team. Zaniolo, Isak & Onana all coming in to be cover/2nd team. 




So we got beat in the CWC (second string team) but won everything else as per. Steady amount of goals scored and surprisingly low conceded based on the attacking tactic I am using so no issues there. 




He is really starting to develop now, greens in all the right paces. Trying to get his pace up slightly in the third season to help. 
Returns wise, can’t complain. Played a few more games and got more goals & assists to cause of that. If both them stay around the same for the duration, the challenge shouldn’t really be a issue.

We had some extra cash provided to us this year, not that it really makes a different when managing PSG;



Manager profile for admin reasons;


I will create a table next time I am on the site from PC, but in the meantime this is what you get 😂

Season 1 = 31 goals + 37 assists

Season 2 = 40 goals + 47 assists

Total = 71 goals + 84 assists. 

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1 hour ago, broodje kip said:

Out of curiosity, who’s your starting striker since you’ve sold Mbappe and Isak is just a backup?

added 0 minutes later

Nice season though.

Playing with two up to. First choice for the second season was Belotti & DCL, with Gonzales & Isak as cover. Pretty much swapped between the pairs depending on the opposition. 

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3 hours ago, JamesVilla said:

Playing with two up to. First choice for the second season was Belotti & DCL, with Gonzales & Isak as cover. Pretty much swapped between the pairs depending on the opposition. 

Interesting. Do you find DCL good this season?

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