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Chat Total noob help needed


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don’t be too savage in response but basically I just got FM22

took a team in VNN league, played and got sacked halfway through season. 

ended up being hired by the team in 1st and managed to lose all their games and drop them to 7th

New season: lost the first 10 games

rock bottom. 24th 

sacked soon.

where do I start. 
players are limited. So I usually have to play the 11 or so who aren’t injured etc

it recommends 3 tactics (tika, gegen etc)

so I usually choose one of them. It’s currently gegenpress 

I try and make sure the players fit the right formation. And that they have enough pace etc to cope

but as I said. Options limited

and no matter what happens I lose.

so aside from… delete this game because clearly I suck.







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Stick at it mate, it’s hard for all of us when we first played, maybe have a look at the tactics on here to start with just for you to get an idea of what works and what doesn’t, try and make sure you make the most of the free transfer market and the loan market when you’re lower league as well 🤞🏻

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That's where I started too mate.

I'd say to play using some of the tactics you like the look of from the tactics index like Rich suggests... That's what I did, that way you'll gradually (very gradually in my case) see what works for you, what doesn't and the types of decision you need to make in the game.

I think it was only after playing for 6 months on and off that I started doing my own tactics... 2 years on I'm still figuring things out!

If in doubt ask for help but try and have a specific question and the smart people on here will come back with some good suggestions 👍

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Besides the advice already given, I'd actually advice against immediately starting with lower league management.

Game is hard enough as is, last thing you need starting a save is a club who barely have 11 players after injury. Try starting with a club you are familiar with, learn as much as you can then step into lower leagues.

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11 minutes ago, StuartM said:

I just remembered seeing this last year too, I think it all still applies!


Just read through that, yeah they all still apply. Good guide!

1 crucial thing to add to it if OP is still insistent on lower league management: For transfers in the lower league, the filters for Expired/Expiring contracts and loan listed players. Being able to squeeze in 2-3 more players with VNN/S budgets can make or break a save.

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