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Hi everyone i’m new to this site and would love to discuss about “Reborn”problems:)😀

so I want to watch superb real life stars like Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan alike growing and playing together. I know in order to get real players reborn, you need to wait for them to retire and search for younger and name-changed version of the retirees. 

However Sometimes it’s really confusing cuz it seems players don’t  reborn according to any certain schedule or pattern.

For example recently I had this save where after the first season ends, no reborn Portuguese player pops up( I  started the save with Portugal as playable). That’s really strange since players from other nations like England and Brazil just reborn in normalcy. 

More confusingly, while most reborn players seem to keep their nationality, I’ve discovered some rare cases where famous players retire and change into new nationality, for example Soldado(not 100% sure it’s him but there isn’t alternatives) retires and reborn in my club’s youth system, but my club’s Portuguese, so Soldado just reborn as a Portuguese?!

In any case I’m really puzzled by this inconsistent reborn process. Do players retire and immediately become a reborn in the next season? If it’s possible for players to retire, change his nationality and reborn in gamer’s youth system? There’re just so many questions I wanna ask…..

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Many minor slight inaccuracies leading to a big misunderstanding altogether.

Just because your season ticked over and regens come in, doesn't mean it has happened in every country. Regens from different countries come in at different days, that's it.

As for the nationality changes on rare occasions, good likelihood that is not him.

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