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Hey guys,
I've been looking for a good challenge with "big" teams, something that for an experienced player in FMM would give a chance of making the game challenging even with bigger clubs.
Well, let's just put a rule: Always turn-on the "Injury-crisis" narrative, in the options, when available.

Normally, you turn it on, 80% of the squad gets injured, and then after a few months when most of the team will be recovered, you receive a message "Injury crisis abates". After receiving this message, you can turn on the injury crisis again.
Well, in the challenge, you'll HAVE to turn it one immediately every time you can. For example, it could happen before a Champions League final. This could happen only 3 times in a year (it happened with Liverpool, probably because most of the injuries occurred were very serious), or more (with Juventus it happened 6-7 times).
Playing this challenge you have to be fair: Don't do tricks like moving good players in reserve just to prevent them from getting injured..
If you want this challenge to be a little easier, you could leave the market open the whole year.
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