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Career Dulwich Hamlet - A 30 Year Career


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Career Objectives: to take Dulwich Hamlet from the National League South to the Champions League, winning as many trophies as possible in 30 years, using mainly London based English young players. Will also be my longest ever career on FM Mobile

The Club: Formed in 1893, Dulwich Hamlet FC are based in East Dulwich, South London, and currently members of the Vanarama National League South. The clubs colours are blue and pink.

The Stadium: Champion Hill (Capacity of 3000)0371BA89-F40E-4B91-AA63-B2471F32ACDD.jpeg



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I want to coach Dulwich too, but they don't have any derby match to play. Tooting is in tier 7 and they are not fierce enough with Bromley and Crystal Palace...

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Season 1 Update (National League South):

Mid Season Form:


National League South & FA Trophy Winners:





Season 2 Update (National League Premier):


Half way through the season and cruising at the top of the league, then hit a shocking run of form


Then a 7-0 Win Vs Woking to turn the form around. 8 points clear with 7 games to go, can we do it? 


Yes we can !


Back to back promotions to start this career, Football League here we come! (With thanks to Folivi, picked up on a free in the first transfer window)




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Season 3 Update (League Two):

First football league game


8-1 win VS Aston Villa Reserves in the EFL Trophy13AAFF4A-6A8D-46B8-8A17-6891ACF845AD.thumb.jpeg.0da2b98c11f3f6e982a440157ccafb50.jpeg

A very inconsistent season in the league, but a late run of form got me into the playoffsC298786B-5B23-455F-9FE1-9F53761710AD.thumb.jpeg.9f0eea6ba89cc220bf6a48ca4facad3a.jpeg967D4DAF-EBBE-4F3F-B6F0-483939C203FB.thumb.jpeg.db7016a01c370a970d2833310e7d07dc.jpeg

Back to back to back promotions and we’re into League One 


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Season 4 Update (League One): 
A very poor start to life in League One



somehow managed to get an offer of 1.5m for a player I transfer listed with a value of 26k. Shame no one decent would enter contract talks with me so used the money to improve training facilities, youth facilities and the coaching team.61DF7A58-F25F-4F7E-B42A-BBF3D411FE92.thumb.jpeg.37b9de233582c70ef05d7702bb4cd040.jpeg

Finished the season in 12th place. Bit of an underwhelming season this one and not really sure how to feel about it. Never really troubled the top half of the table with some inconsistent runs of form. Hoping to sign some decent free agents in the summer and push on for promotion next season. Up the Hamlet





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Season 5 Update (League One): 

A decent youth intake to start off


a better season than last year and managed to get a playoff place after fighting for automatic promotion all season


Our third trip to Wembley awaits in the EFL trophy 


and now a playoff final game in which we’re massive underdogs, hopefully our Wembley luck continues


two headers from corners from my centre back I signed in a free at the end of the first season. Club Legend. 


On to the championship we go


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Season 6 Update (Championship): 



an unexpected start for us, was expecting a fight for relegation. This was followed by a crazy run of draws and inconsistency, but I was happy to just avoid the bottom half of the table. 

the table at the half way point




and the table at the end of the season. Just about crawled over the line, but buzzing to get 5 promotions in 6 seasons. Massively overachieving with my current squad, and don’t fancy our chances in the Premier League but we’ll give it a good go. Wish me luck!


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8 hours ago, LiamTaylor said:

What’s ur tactic mate


A pretty basic 4-4-2, but I’m constantly changing or tweaking roles and instructions because I’m sure there’s no plug and play formula that works on this years game and you get punished for constantly using the same tactic. This is the latest but again it’s always changing





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1 hour ago, Resurgam said:

A pretty basic 4-4-2, but I’m constantly changing or tweaking roles and instructions because I’m sure there’s no plug and play formula that works on this years game and you get punished for constantly using the same tactic. This is the latest but again it’s always changing





Ok buddy 👍🏻

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Season 7 Update (Premier League): 


a win in out first premier league game to get off to a good start


and a start that was better than expected


including a 5-0 thrashing of Man City in the League Cup

the table at the half way point, steering well clear of the relegation zone 


even flirted with the top 7 and a European place after the January transfer window but a poor finish had us finishing in 11th


Delighted with our first season and hoping for a decent budget and signings to possible push for a spot in Europe next season. Only 23 more seasons to go 😁👍

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I love the basement to penthouse challenges. Nice work in the Prem. 

Are you getting to expand the stadium as you go or is the board being tight-fisted?

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8 hours ago, thechosen98 said:

whats ur first team like?regens or any known players that have signed?

No regens yet I will only probably start using them from the 10th season onward

here’s a screenshot of my first team squad, nothing spectacular


25 minutes ago, DoneHisCruciate said:

I love the basement to penthouse challenges. Nice work in the Prem. 

Are you getting to expand the stadium as you go or is the board being tight-fisted?

Expanding as I go maybe a handful of times but they’re more generous with improving training facilities than the stadium. 

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Season 8 Update:

Not much to report on really with this season, managed to get my first “big 6” scalp in the league


But after a tight battle all season we missed out on a European place


and amazed to see one of my players in the world XI already



onwards and upwards, and hopefully will get that European spot be maybe another trophy in the next 2 seasons. Up the Hamlet!

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I expect your guys will book a European tour next season.

Nice to see Brentford still mixing it in the Prem too.

Are West Ham still in there or relegated ?

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5 hours ago, DoneHisCruciate said:

I expect your guys will book a European tour next season.

Nice to see Brentford still mixing it in the Prem too.

Are West Ham still in there or relegated ?

Funny you say that early days but I’m battling with Brentford for the European spots 😂


West Ham bit of a yo-yo club currently0C1E2552-F466-42C1-AEA9-ED73085180AC.thumb.png.4c3dba858cdafc81951499965853d7e5.png


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Season 9 Update:

New Signing Balogun getting 4 goals against Man Utd


Season going much better than expected, sitting second at the half way point, looking really good for a European spot which was our goal at the start of the season. 

“Disallowed Goal Simulator 2022”





mid season form, can we go on to win the Premier League in only our ninth season? 


Unbelievably, we can! Our first trophy since winning the EFL Trophy back in League One. Any other season with that points total and we probably wouldn’t have won it, but we’ll take it. Well ahead of schedule 👍🏆


Off the back of winning the EPL and our board are going to build a new stadium. Leading us to our final game at Champion Hill:


absolute madness 😂


Jamie Bynoe-Gittens, signed for only 5million and retrained as a right winger, wins the Premier League Player of the Season and also gets into the 2030 World XI along with Alfie Devine and Japhet Tanganga. 



Here was our best XI for the season


and the Hamlet are into the Champions League. 

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3 minutes ago, DoneHisCruciate said:

Great stuff!

Cracker of a final game at Champion Hill—it’s hard to beat that for a stadium name.

Agreed! Had to name the new stadium “New Champion Hill” 👍

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Season 10 Update:2B58EF1C-C0E5-4956-AB26-26B9CEF59C6B.thumb.jpeg.1eb608fd57a62af22193db35e0ac6ea6.jpeg

This transfer window had us saying goodbye to club legend Malachi Fagan-Walcott. Signed him on a free transfer from Spurs after our first promotion to the Conference Premier. Scored so many goals from Centre Back on our way to the Premier League. Legend. 

not a bad start on our first ever European night. I came 3rd in the group and ended up losing 1-0 to Liverpool in the Europa League Quarter Finals in 2 very frustrating games.



crazy game here VS Watford



and got to my first proper cup final (not really counting the Community Shield which we lost to Chelsea. 


And got our revenge in the League Cup.

but here’s where things got reaaaaaally frustrating…..


on a great run of form and cruising, looking likely to retain the Premier League and win another trophy in the form of the FA Cup/Europa League.


and then this happened. Absolute brick wall. Cant begin to tell you how frustrating this was but I guess that’s football. In each game I just felt like the game didn’t want us to get a result, last minute goals conceded, disallowed goals, the lot. Pretty much ruined the season and we ended up just about finishing 4th and retaining a Champions League spot. 


Awards for the season:


onwards to next season, and if I still can’t enter contract talks with my number 1 target Charlie Patino, now at Arsenal, then I will look to sign young English Newgens/Regens for the future as most of our squad are in their late twenties/early thirties. Up the Hamlet.

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Season 11 Update:

easily our best season yet and one I enjoyed the most 👍

world best XI 2031 featuring Saka and Tanganga93A6D9CB-957D-4738-94EB-E5F981BCA525.thumb.jpeg.15b763b77fb6149d0c4770d9af8fb142.jpeg


Our Number 1 transfer target and we got him 😀 along with Madueke and Livramento. A good window in all and probably our last “real player” signings. 


good start to the season but really did draw the group of death in the Champions League. I’d be happy with 3rd place and another crack at winning the Europa League at this point



went on to win our second Premier League but did our best to try and bottle it towards the end with our signature inconsistent form, far too many draws for my liking. 


Awards for Saka and Hudson-Odoi, and places for 5 of our players in the Premier League team of the season


and after squeezing two semi final wins against Liverpool (one on penalties for once) we had 2 cup finals, FA Cup against Man City and Europa League against Mainz 05. Can we win them both and bring home a treble?


Course we can 😁 a Treble and a great season for the Hamlet. 




our main starting XI for the season:



we say goodbye to club legends Japhet Tanganga, Eddie Nketiah and Tyrik Mitchell all at the age of 32/33, and now the newgen/regen hunting begins. Got to get this squad revamp right, bring in some young English talent and hopefully win the Champions League in the next season or two. 
it’s Alex Ferguson time. 

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Season 12 Update:


My all time Best XI 13 years in



2032 World XI featuring Saka and Hudson-Odoi 



12 of my players in the England squad for Euro 2032 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 



Community Shield winners



followed by a squeaky-bum time UEFA Super Cup win. That leaves the only trophies not yet won The Champions League and The Club World Cup



some decent early season form



but we are capable of getting a random pasting every now and then😂


another squeaky game to get into our first Champions League final. Hoping our 100% record in finals continues


another Premier League win (that we nearly bottled towards the end, again) our third in total and second in a row





seasonal awards and 5 players again in the EPL Team of the Season




a special mention to Bukayo Saka. Neglected and rotting on the bench at Brentford after years of injuries and being neglected at Arsenal, I signed him for 5m back in 2028 when he was transfer listed, retrained him as a left winger and his year on year improvement is immense. Unreal player and still going strong at 32. Value has risen from 5m to 66m in 5 years. And 44 assists in 50 games last season. He’ll retire here a club legend. 


another FA Cup win



followed by our first Champions League. Was a tight game and only won because of the 2 red cards for PSG 



5 trophies this season and an upcoming Club World Cup the only trophy left to win



had a bad feeling about this one and thought we might have to wait another 4 years for the next one but we did it 👍



The 2033 World Best XI


The Future of Dulwich Hamlet:

A look at some of the young regens we will build the future of the team around




and last but not least this absolute monster:


37 goals in 45 games in his first season at just 20 years old, and already the highest valued striker in the world. 4 goals in his first 4 England games too. The future is bright at Dulwich Hamlet 👍




added this from the beginning of the next season (13th) just to show we’re capable of losing in finals 😂



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Will probably slow down on the updates now seeing as I’ve won everything and now it’s just a case of trophy collecting for the next 17 seasons. Also hoping for an invincible season and maybe a septuple if I can do it. Will probably do updates at the 15,20,25 and 30 season marks. Thanks for reading so far guys 👍


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Unfortunately I've decided to retire this save, due to boredom 😂

have just got to a point at the end of the 15th season where winning everything is just too repetitive to continue on for another 15 seasons. I may try to get to that 30 season mark with my beloved Plymouth Argyle later in the year though, we'll see.

here is a final overview,


Saka with 5 consecutive EPL Player of the Season Awards 



The final game:



A final season (15th) quintuple



All time Best XI



Devonte Colclough:



Peter Oliver:



Herrmann the German (Couldnt Resist)



15 Season History:



Club Profile:



The Trophy Cabinet:



Its been fun,  thanks for reading guys 👍






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