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Selling Players For 263m€(New Method after Winter Update)

I opened a chat topic about it and since I got the moderator's permission,I can share it with you.People think that this has been removed with the new update today.But that's not the case.It's similar to the old bug and it's easier.Now I can start explaining.


The first step,of course,is to recommend the players we do not want in the team to the clubs and put them on the transfer list.And we are waiting for one(s) of these players to receive an offer.



When they offer us a low transfer fee that we would never accept (I'm just being ironic🤣),our move is to increase the transfer offer to €263m.

(NOTE:We just increase the transfer fee to 263m€.We don’t reject the offer or suggest terms to them.)



Our next move after this point is to close the offer and save the game.

(NOTE:Note that after closing the offer,before saving the game,open the offer again and be sure looking 263m€.If the old offer appears when you open it again,increase the transfer fee to €263m and close the offer again.)



After following the first 3 steps,we will open the game we saved and accept the offer.That's all.




PERSONAL NOTE:Frankly,I don't like taking advantage of this bug.Because it makes the difficult easy and distracts people from the purpose of reality.I respect everyone's opinion. Everyone is free to play as they want.I discovered this by accident and shared it.You have 20-30 million euros short for a player and you can sell your worst player for 20-30 million and make up for the shortfall.This is purely my personal opinion.I love you all.I hope you like it.

IMPORTANT:And you can post it on youtube/facebook etc.If you will share it on social platforms,please add this topic as a link.Otherwise,I will have to send you a warning message.


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18 hours ago, Miki33 said:

Ur welcome mate.Pls Keep me posted.

it work bro, thx. anyway, i've tried another method without exit from game & load game and it really saving your time. if you want to know it, i'll share

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