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Help Influence on squad - Loyalty

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I'm trying to find players with a green uptick for loyalty on the relationships page of a player, underneath the influence on squad area.

My ultimate goal is to get an A grade for loyalty on the dynamics page of the team report.

I've only been able to find one in Carlos Soler..

Players you'd expect to have a high loyalty rating, such as Muller, Gaya, Noble & Neuer, do not have a green uptick on loyalty, so I'm a bit confused with how it works.

I know loyalty increases with players over time/with new contracts but I'm looking for new players specifically to get a bit of a head start.

If anyone knows any players with the uptick let me know!

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I agree, it's quite ridiculous with some players.

One thing I've found that improves it is if a player asks for a better contract talk to them saying you'll give them a better contract soon and praise them for form or training and then give them the improved contract it boosts the loyalty up to a green arrow. 

Problem is star players rarely ask!

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Great question. 

Firstly, it takes time before a new signing influences the squad. If you sign Harry Kane, he won’t positively influence your squad until (a few months?) into his time at your club.

Secondly, there are typically 1-3 senior-ish players per club who have a positive impact on loyalty. 

  • Spurs = Kane + Lloris
  • Liverpool = Henderson, Milner, Robertson
  • Man Utd = McTominay

So you “should“ be able to identify + buy some high loyalty players, give them time, and they’ll influence your squad




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On 08/03/2022 at 10:50, MikeF said:

Devs have got this wrong for a lot of players. How can Son have red arrow for loyalty and morale? Annoys me every time I use spurs. 

Son's personality is Very Ambitious. This personality indicates a 16+ ambition and 8- loyalty. Based on my observation, players with this personality are guaranteed to have negative impact on morale and loyalty. I haven't found an exception yet.


I have yet figured out which attribute influences morale and loyalty. Players with loyalty between 10 and 15 is super complicated. I've seen players with 15 loyalty having negative impact and players with lower loyalty than that having positive impact. My current hypothesis is player with high ambition will negatively impact loyalty if their loyalty isn't high enough. As for morale, I noticed players with personalities Very Ambitious, Model Professional, Strict Professional, Natural Leader, and Strict Leader are most likely to negatively impact morale. However, for the latter 4 personalities, players with high teamwork and high in team hierarchy won't have that negative influence.


Despite the latter 4 personalities having negative influence on morale, I think you should still get these players because these are basically the 4 best personalities.

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