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Tactics Arteta's Arsenal Lone Pivot Tactic Recreate


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Arteta's Lone Pivot Tactic Recreate

First season nothing much to speak about, ordinary gameplay and businesses to raise funds for signings in second season.

Off to a really disappointing start in second season, draws after draws, losses after losses, though the players eventually got used to their roles and performed really well since then. Lucky to have won EPL, Liverpool got some really bad fixtures during the final stage of the league.

Tactic explanation

The anchor man (Partey in real life) plays as a lone pivot, B2B (Xhaka in real life) carries ball forward, though I think a volante makes more sense but unfortunately there is no SV role in FMM. AP (Ødegaard in real life) takes ball much further, plays creative passes and get himself in scoring situations. DLF (Lacazette in real life) links up plays. The 2 IFs (Saka and Martinelli/Smith Rowe in real life) simply cut inside, giving overlap options for the full backs. The reason why I don't use wingbacks is that I realize Tierney and Tomiyasu in real life does not get forward as much as a wingback like Davies or Arnold usually does, and I also want them to participate defensively more often. Ramsdale as sweeper keeper that's all clear, Gabriel as CD who stays back and White as BPD usually dribbles forward and play passes.

Feel free to make any tweaks and share your experiences. Thanks!Screenshot_2022-03-09-02-35-01-77_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.3c9605d6ab83b60cad08c7317905a5e1.pngTactics - SelectionScreenshot_2022-03-09-02-35-08-18_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.11ac8a46d6609670aa60e4550c9c69b7.pngTactics - DefenceScreenshot_2022-03-09-02-35-04-80_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.183ff8301d7d8769c10fde2a922eb710.pngTactics - ShapeScreenshot_2022-03-09-02-35-10-98_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.4903211fab8c7f51429ee970a42d08e6.pngTactics - AttackScreenshot_2022-03-09-02-34-10-20_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.3b24bc06780e18e7e26faa8227d36ece.pngSmashed Liverpool 4-0Screenshot_2022-03-09-02-34-17-46_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.196a4a270998a3c5e9ec47cad0989775.pngMatch statsScreenshot_2022-03-09-02-41-13-43_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.a0e142cb54a45b2068127793edc8bc98.pngAnother giant killing against Man CityScreenshot_2022-03-09-03-04-26-65_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.4f3f47ccc8aaa2b689d855e8f3bd326b.pngBad start in second seasonScreenshot_2022-03-09-03-04-34-00_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.d625374bd655b41c01d47e7425290317.pngBut eventually came out on topScreenshot_2022-03-09-03-11-07-76_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.851200b46798b11f685854e2caacafd2.pngWon Champions LeagueScreenshot_2022-03-09-03-12-50-33_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.560c2930a204ab6a82e8574864952235.pngFirst season achievementsScreenshot_2022-03-09-03-12-53-15_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.png.d93dee3716503cec22a03eb08b1535dd.pngSecond season achievements

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