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Career DHC's Badge Quest

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I was looking for something to do and came across:

which sounded like a lot of fun. And look at that pitch--who wouldn't want to play on that?

So, any badges I get I will store here 👇

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The first badge, which had me shouting "Pass the ball, Mo!!!" a lot, had me thinking about assists for the first time.

Breaking the whole "Me Striker, Me shoot" mentality took a while. But eventually I came up with a formation I liked to play which gave Mo a nice spread of shots and assists.

It's not the highest scoring formation but I figured it would at least complete the goal of 15 goals and 15 assists.

To be honest I had to laugh after the first 9 games because we hadn't conceded a goal either:CONTINUE.thumb.PNG.a6ccb598bf263029a296eefe37e63961.PNG

It seems I can't quite break my defending instincts.

Mo Show:

Annoyingly Egypt did well at the African Cup of Nations and he disappeared for the whole tournament:



And he also got injured:



So the Mo Show was interrupted for 7 games---3 for African Cup of Nations and 4 through injury.

I was enjoying playing this season so I decided not to restart it again once he got injured.


We won the league with 6 games still to play and finished unbeaten. Rather embarrassingly for an all-out attacking challenge we only conceded 6 goals:




The cups were mainly played by my 'B team' who performed well and were probably miffed when I brought in the first team to get all the glory:





We only lost one game---the 'B team' got FMMed by Wolfsburg:



So a clean sweep for the management team:





Salah performed well:


I had a lot of fun playing this season and enjoyed how the formation performed.

Badge Score:

Not much to trouble the leaders:

Salah finished with 29 goals and 22 assists in the league for a total of 51.

Thanks for reading!

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