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Career Attempting The Near Impossible 1/5 Germany Conquered 🇩🇪 ✅

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Posted (edited)

Hello and welcome to my new career which will span many years and 5 leagues hopefully 

The Challenge:

Win all the competitions in the top division of the 5 leagues chosen so basically got to win 1 domestic cup, 1 league title and win the champions league at my time at the club. By the way they don’t have to all be done in the same season

The catch is I will begin at a club in the 3rd division of each country and take them to glory and when I get the club to win all these trophies only then I can move on to the next club

My bonus challenge is also to win a world cup and a euro championship with a national team maybe 2 if I have time😅

This will take a lot of time and I don’t know if i will have enough time to do all the leagues but only one way to find out

Let’s Begin :)

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Just quickly forgot to mention a few rules I am not using any added extras like no loan restrictions and stuff like that and also beginning with a local reputation and no badges and I can only move clubs once I win them the required trophies and won’t be releasing any players from my club just to sign with the new club as that’s a bit unfair but yeah I think that’s all the rules🤣

Quick warning but some of the pictures may have this button in them on the side cause well I am using my iphone and the home button is broken so have to use the accessibility button sorry about that😅
The First Club

My chosen club to begin this challenge is👀2DE3C88E-2D51-4FA6-BA49-69758D2F71AA.thumb.jpeg.d24ee0444415633c85a5a72f1f874ff8.jpeg

Yes Kaiserslautern former giants of german football in the past but they have fallen from grace over many years and now sit in the 3rd league of Germany so it’s time to take them back to glory 



Most of the signing were free agents and loans so money could be focused on the facilities but yeah a huge clear out of the squad was needed 

Season 1 Results


Got done dirty with the draw first round but somehow managed to beat them but sadly next round we drew SC Freiburg and lost 3-1 but yeah unlucky draws cost us a cup run but proud to beat a Bundesliga side


In the league it was a breeze at the end took a few games for the players to settle but once they did damn they started scoring many goals and no one could stop us from winning the league by 14 points :)



I used a similar 4-2-2-2 tactic for my kaiserslautern team but had my wingbacks higher up and a AP instead of an RP and a TF and a AF for my strike duo which went well

Tactic can be found in the tactics index 👀

Standout Players


Kiprit who was originally at the club has been a goal machine at AF scored a goal almost every game might have reached 40 goals if we was not injured for a month but still fantastic form

Tigges who came on loan from Dortmund helped revive his own form by scoring a decent amount of goals while assisting a few sadly tho unlikely that I will be able to buy him

Ritter was a surprise another original player but at AP in the midfield he was a machine at free kicks scored so many while being top at assists 


Kiprit easily got player of the year in the league as expected:)

Amazing performance by the team and players out on loan have improved massively so Season 2 is gonna be exciting 👀

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Posted (edited)

Season 2

Now after promotion the aim was just to try to get back to the Bundesliga as soon as possible 

Main Transfers

5B83A7C7-2FD8-4DAF-A27F-ECA1A50F5CE9.thumb.png.3bac7f381fa20a41d64bf3b25195252c.pngE3CEC52E-85DE-4A7B-9742-265C26CD0843.thumb.png.bd8fb9e7b7770ce6d6336a4f686dce4a.png6CA26488-DF21-4F31-B29C-706623AEC17A.thumb.png.7071a96c5285d16292ec48eaf88184e1.png7B8B09E6-4777-4A03-BF11-34784D1C8442.thumb.png.9df36d10ded6e1f7ef4484fb114337ea.pngB5287B2A-3960-46E9-8D60-7825246E3B57.thumb.png.423372f1bf62d8fb4c74b3cd49c07066.pngMostly loans and free signings but sadly kiprit was grumpy so had to let him go but will take the 💰 Most of it went on improving the facilities


9754F2F8-A5BE-49A4-97DF-EC4651E33E42.thumb.png.064d5e64ecf2055c42821a81f3e00420.pngSo erm this happened without me even doing anything which was intresting but a chance at winning a world cup a bit earlier than I expected 🤣 Also got offers from half the Bundesliga offering me jobs but declined all of them


192B0F06-9DE3-41E1-870E-8E3E0DF4BC01.thumb.png.30441235d9cefb8434833dc811ca4ba2.png583908EF-ABD5-49B2-869D-779932F154EF.thumb.png.864ac43698ebb597733e3c666e861f0b.pngA9197107-1554-4FD7-9877-66767997ABCB.thumb.png.5b3daba6e8e4b375d061e58d82aeee5c.pngBC5D1516-9554-4839-8087-A04EB4A7F734.thumb.png.8ed86a766f7a946f43fa50855ea84c97.pngLet’s go won the league but our fierce rivals mainz were always close behind us how they got relegated with that team I do not know🙂

Star performers mainly free signings which are improving and carrying the team  hopefully they can continue😅

World Cup

2EA8E104-F9F4-419B-8E62-E6411210D8BE.thumb.png.b312bb32f89d2838aacc165feea3db51.pngLost to spain in the quarters which was sad but oh well 2 more years to the euros🙃


And benfica won the champions league this season soooo this game is very realistic 🤣

Time to prepare for season 3 and hopefully survive and not get slapped by bayern ☠️

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Season 3

Here is the long awaited Season 3 where we fight the big boys in the big bad Bundesliga 👀



We only had around £40 Mil to spend so only could make 2 star signings but hopefully they would carry the club but we did have to say goodbye to our OG CB Tomiak for £10 Million and the rest of the transfers were just free young signings and some dead wood leaving the club and loans hopefully this would be enough 😅Also did get some quality youth talent through the academy which could make an impact in the future seasons



Somehow we managed to scrape a top 4 finish with a lot of inconsistency and drawing our last 2 games I thought we had thrown it away but Hoffenheim Lost their last game so we were saved. Kept tweaking tactics throughout the season which lead to our messy form but still won a crazy derby with Torres scoring for fun :) 

Player Performances


Torres was our top goalscorer with 19 goals while our other 2 strikers got 11 and 10 but did miss a lot of chances. Gouiri and Mella tho wow on the wings with lots of assists but sadly gouiri is only on loan :(


The club’s Top talents right now hopefully they can continue to carry this club to glory :) 

Quick Note

Sadly the euros legit started right after this season so you are gonna have to wait for Season 4 to see how Portugal do in the euros and if we can make some magic happen in europe 👀

Hopefully can win something 🙃

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Posted (edited)

Season 4

Our first taste of European football so would we be able to cope with the overload and stress of all these extra matches?



Had around £50 million and well had to clear out the squad for more quality and well Grieml and Torres both didn’t fit my tweaked system so sold them both and had to sign ndour who wasn’t my first choice but oh well🙃 


Signing of the season has to be Beto poached him for £13 mil on a relegation release clause but his stats are 🤩 Had to save him from that titanic of a club🤣

The Euros


Well sadly lost to france in a very close match so the wait for a trophy with Portugal goes on😔



Agony in the league as we lose on goal difference 😭 Despite going on a 12 game winning streak at the end it wasn’t enough and we will have to go again next season 

Champions League


Despite getting 1st in the group stage of course we face liverpool and lose 5-4 overall just got pretty unlucky so close yet so far :( 

Dfb Pokal


Somehow beat Bayern and Dortmund but it was all worth it for an easy final against a team from the division below so we win our first trophy

Player Performances


Our goal machine Beto carrying the club while Ndour with a respectable 10 goals from 20 games and Korte our own German talent scoring 11 goals mainly off the bench and he’s only 18. Mella with 22 assists is on another level this season 

Hopefully we can go all out next season and get our revenge on Bayern and hopefully in Europe in Season 5 👀 



Edited by KaineZino
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Posted (edited)

Season 5

We look over Kaine Zinos 5th year of management at Kaiserslautern and look over their remarkable season:) 



There has not been as many players joining the club but Zino has brought in a few reliable gems to add depth over their quest for trophies. This has meant the club has had to get rid of a lot of dead wood to get the space required and loan out many young players to aid their development and support their affiliate clubs.



Despite scoring less points than the previous season Kaine Zino has lead Kaiserslautern to their first Bundesliga title for over 30 years. The main contenders such as bayern munich have all had disappointing seasons and it was the surprise package Frankfurt that kept with Kaiserslautern for most of the season but ultimately fell short proving Kaiserslauterns dominance in the Bundesliga this season.

Dfb Pokal


Kaiserslautern have also claimed back to back Dfb Pokals beating Hoffenheim who are in the second division and had a fairytale run to the final but it was not meant to be and Kaiserslautern overwhelmed them with their talent to win the final.

Champions League


Kaine Zino had lead Kaiserslautern on a fairytale journey to win the clubs first ever champions league title in a crazy final with goals galore and to deny Juventus their first European title in over 20 years

Player Performances


Beto has kept up his immense form from last season by scoring another 33 goals this season and Devin Korte has stepped up his performances with 21 goals however it could have been more if he didn’t suffer a 4 month groin injury near the end of the season. The assists are pretty spread out between the team with David Mella taking the top spot for the best provider.

Now this leaves the question after taking Kaiserslautern to glory and winning the historic treble what will Kaine Zino do next to continue his remarkable beginning to his managerial career.

PS: Sorry for long delay for season 5 I have exams and personal stuff so had little time to play but hopefully will be more consistent now. World cup results next season and felt like writing as a news reporter 🤣 


Edited by KaineZino
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Season 6

After winning all the trophies needed to progress in Germany, where would we go next and which club would we take over👀



Yes that’s right we have taken over at Hercules de Alicante to take them back to La Liga after they have survived the 3rd division in Spanish football by finishing a point above the relegation zone



Suprisingly the club blessed us with 4 million euros which I totally didn’t expect and allowed us to make a few statement signings and also clear out loads of dead wood in that aging squad yet still had positions which were not ideal🙃



Well somehow the club became centurions and invincibles even though Tenerifes squad was better than ours but did not expect to absolutely dominate the league🤣 also got that manager award every month :)) 

This was all possible with a new tactic I made myself and will share soon 👀

Player Performances


Radjel was definitely a vital signing scoring 22 goals while playing for algeria in the AFCON for a month which when he came back his stats had skyrocketed. The lean mean pizza and goal machine Sabatini suprised me with 15 goals as a backup striker which is pretty insane. Signing of the year definitely goes to the Albanian legend Gjeli who scored 18 goals and has 13 assists whilst playing on the left wing which is madness🤯

Hopefully we can continue this form in the second division and no clubs poach my players cause of release clauses😢kinda worried about that but can the Hérculanos keep their insane form going👀Find out in Season 7


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Season 7

Well after promotion to the second division could we play our way to the magical lands of the La Liga👀



Got about 10 mill euros so can’t lie spent loads on wonderkids and upgraded training and youth facilities because we gonna need talent over the next few seasons and shifted dead wood but lost Alvarez cause of dumb release clauses which is sad but got new defenders in for him and hopefully none of my other players get poached cause of release clauses 🙃



Not going to lie midway of the season got bored of my solid and winning tactic so I thought let me take a lesson from the great Marcelo Biesla and go all out guns blazing so yep creating a crazy attacking tactic which lead to crazy games which we still won a lot and much more entertaining 😅 Sadly went out of the cup cause if a typical injury time goal😐 hopefully next season we can do better:)

Player Performances


Well with using the crazy attack tactic for half the season it lead to the 3 strikers and even wingers scoring loads of goals and even the midfield but the homegrown magic man Fortuño has set up so many goals and reminds me of another talented spanish winger👀

Going into Season 8 in La Liga hopefully we can win some games without getting torn apart with going all out because the big 3 teams in Spain have stacked teams🙃

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