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Chat Hi bro can you help me how to get the club.dat fmm22 file

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I believe it's included in the database file, which you need to access using the method described by @Scratch below.


You don't need a rooted phone, but it is pretty hard to get the database these days. It's in the Android\obb\com.sega.soccer.manager folder, but there are two problems:

  1. With the newer versions of Android, some file managers can't see that folder anymore, so you might need to connect your phone to a PC and access it via Window Explorer. And you need a PC anyway because...
  2. Inside that folder you are going to find a .obb file. You need to copy that to your PC and rename it to have a .fmf extension (instead of .obb). Then you need to use the Football Manager Resource Archiver to extract that. The Resource Archiver comes as an extra if you buy full FM, so if you don't have FM, you need to buy it! But if you've bought it any time in the last few years, you should be good (the FM20 one still works for eg). 

Once you've extracted it you'll find everything that used to be in the Android/data file in older versions, including the database folder. So yeah, possible, but definitely not straight forward.


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