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Help Help with one of the midfield positions in my tactic!


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Hi everyone!

I have been using this tactic to great success since the game came out but there's one thing that's always bugged me about it. 

In the midfield the RP (Bruno) and even the CM/DM depending on opposition (Mctominay/Rice) get good ratings but the player in the AP role (Pogba/Vdb/Hannibal, Mata, Bruno) never seem to get consistently good ratings. They average 6.somethings. 

I have tried switching it to DLP or having both the positions as RP but it hasn't worked. 

Can anyone help me with any insights?

Thank you!

Screenshot_20220413-165315_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220413-165319_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220413-165327_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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7 hours ago, Azagahst said:

Всем привет!

Я использовал эту тактику с большим успехом с тех пор, как вышла игра, но есть одна вещь, которая меня всегда беспокоила. 

В полузащите RP (Бруно) и даже CM/DM в зависимости от соперника (Мактоминей/Райс) получают хорошие оценки, но игрок в роли AP (Погба/Вдб/Ганнибал, Мата, Бруно), кажется, никогда не получает стабильно хороших оценок. . Они в среднем 6.somethings. 

Я пытался переключить его на DLP или иметь обе позиции в качестве RP, но это не сработало. 

Может ли кто-нибудь помочь мне с любым пониманием?

Благодарю вас!

Screenshot_20220413-165315_FM22 Мобильный.jpg

In my opinion, the role of AP works only with a midfielder like Anchor or DM, because as in life Pogba for example in the role of AP will often lose a position he will need a backup under him in the form of Anchor or DM... Pogba [AP] - McTominay [Anchor] - Bruno [RPL] Try to use it that way.


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19 hours ago, HtutAung said:

I love this shape and I build midfield with this position








I might give the DLP with a BWM a try for sure.

Thank you!

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12 hours ago, till malkovich said:


I have tried the Anchor route but it's still a little inconsistent. 

I'm thinking of getting a new player for that role and see if it works out with that player.

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