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Chat Any help??

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if you click on the text "the talent is valued..." it will show you which players are causing this dynamic to be bad.

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If they are U23, mentor them with a mentor with high work rate/loyalty (no guarantees). If not:

Work rate:

Sell players with negative influence.
Buy players with high work rate. You can't tell from the scout report, but hard-working players tend to have high teamwork. Once you bought them, you would see "Hard working" in their training report.


If the player's personality is very ambitious, sell them.

If not, lower their influence in the squad or sell them. Their negative influence on loyalty will disappear once their status in the team hierarchy is other.

Buy players that are loyal or not ambitious. Players that are normal, determined, loyal, professional, modest, modest professional, model professional, natural leader, strict professional, or strict leader are safe. Avoid players that are very ambitious. Be extra cautious for players that are ambitious, relentlessly ambitious, ruthless, or relentless.

As time progresses, players that are not very ambitious might no longer have a negative influence on loyalty, but this will take seasons.

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