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Chat Player Sale and Club Reputation


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Hi, I need some help on selling players to bigger clubs and increasing club reputation.

I have started my save loading Argentina, China, Italy, South Africa, and US to take on the pentagon challenge. Now I am with Jomo Cosmo from SA, and I am playing some wonderkids as starters to improve them faster. They are performing very well like an average rating of 7.5/8.X for the season and their stats just show they are too good for the league (PSL, the top league for South Africa), even in player's training page it says 'need to play at a higher level to improve'. But there is just no clubs from better leagues interested in them. May I ask why is this or is it a bug?

Here are some examples below, the Asamoah CB just declined in ability and the only guy I got to sell is the left winger.


Another question is that I've just won trophies with Jomo Cosmos and their club star rating isn't improving. When I got the job they are 2.5 stars in reputation, training facility, and youth academy with no money to do anything. After 3 seasons winning literally everything in SA league, CAF Champions League, training facility 3.5 stars, and academy 4 stars. Club reputation is still 2.5 stars. Is there any way to improve club reputation in poor leagues? (The league reputation is 3 stars, and clubs in the league varies from 2 to 3 stars)

Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English!

Screenshot_20220418-230039_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220418-230047_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220418-230115_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220418-230325_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220418-230339_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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