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This is probably my first time posting "actual" content on this Platform so I'm all open for criticism and shit. So lets get to it, this challenge would be a seasonal challenge with each season been scored in different ways.

You would have to download the save file(attached below) and add it to your game(I'm pretty sure all of us know how to do that), once loaded you'd find out that the players in this particular club are all "KIDS" which is the main challenge.

I've created the team in a way it accommodates no matter the type of formation you're going to use, 3 sets of 11 players with difference in CA but same PA. I chose Gibraltar as the country for them because it's one of the low rated Countries in the game just for the fun of it. The first set of players are Superstars with 5 star CA while the 2nd set has a 3.5 star CA and the 3rd having 2 star CA.

This should be fun I hope for you too, I've loaded just one nation(England) for the EPL, because the players are superstars doesn't mean it'd come all easy. 

In the First season which is the first challenge, we're going to be grading just the EPL as a beginning depending on how you guys turn up and play it, there'd be a 2nd season so please engage you all.

You might feel it'd all be easy but it isn't considering you might lack leadership and work rate and the fact they're all young and no transfer is allowed(for now).

You won't have problems getting offers from other clubs for now but if so reject it since the club is a worldwide club. We're all about building this set of players to proper superstars. The third set could all be sent to the reserves.



  • Total points (times 2)
  • Total no of goals (divided by 2)
  • Total goals conceded(to be subtracted)
  • You have the highest goal scorer (10 points)
  • You have the player with most assists(10 points)
  • Most clean sheet(15 points)
  • Fewest league defeats(30 points)
  • Team with most goals (10 points)
  • Fewest conceded (20 points)
  • YPOTY (30 points)
  • POTY(50 points)
  • TOTY(No of players times 5 points)
  • MOTM(10 points each)
  • MOTY(20 points)
  • POTM(15 points each)
  • Having a player hit 40 goals(30 points)
  • Having a player hit 30 assists(50 points)points


  • No unlockables
  • No cheating, no reloading, etc.
  • No scouting apps
  • Own formations 
  • Transfers, etc, not allowed(use the full team )
  • ITN goals don't count
  • Game time shouldn't be more than 10 hours (depending on how the results comes in I'd decide whether to increase this or reduce it)
  • Post all screenshots regarding every points you feel you are getting
  • Let's have fun



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Incomplete challenge
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