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Tactics Aggressive 4-1-2-3 Dominating Possession

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Evening all, thought I would share this tactic that has performed surprisingly well for me and given some great underlying stats for dominating the ball with high number of passes and over the season it averaged 60% possession with West Ham first season no transfers, helping us to a treble.

The other thing I have liked about it is it got the best out of the whole team with consistently good ratings in every position and the goals/assists were spread around the whole team.


League Table:Screenshot_2022-05-09-23-31-35-94_274ce8a533c0b976f2fb8c3dd2773c8d.thumb.jpg.8662e6a63004c53c3827a23b9de9b516.jpg



This worked well for me with a decent but not amazing squad in the Premier League so I hope it might work for some others. Please feel free to give it a try and any constructive feedback is very welcome.

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Looks like another fun unorthodox setup.

I'll have a test in a different league. Probably the Bundesliga.

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I like the patterns of play i see with this tactic. My only complaint is the IFs don't seem to get involved very much. 

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3 hours ago, Felix_is_king said:

who scored the goals?


CF got most Antonio had just under a goal a game for me, followed by the APs and then IFs just behind.

2 hours ago, hhooo said:

I like the patterns of play i see with this tactic. My only complaint is the IFs don't seem to get involved very much. 

That's fair I think they do well at stretching the opposing defence high and wide to create space for the central 3 but do chip in with some goals and assists. I tried pulling them back to AML/R to get more involved but lost some of the impetus in attacks.

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Posted (edited)
On 10/05/2022 at 23:36, hhooo said:

I like the patterns of play i see with this tactic. My only complaint is the IFs don't seem to get involved very much. 

Agreed. I like this 👍 it’s like a Guardiola / Man City 41221, but with 8 of the players pushed up, wgich is great for pressing.

Pressing an opposition Goal Kick haha:


Which led to a goal!





But I still found it very narrow vs an opposition back 5 (51221):


See how narrow our IFs are



Will try it against other opposition formations later 👍 

Edited by DanEnglish
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Just now, Oseni said:

Ngl the team plays some beautiful football with this tactic 🙂 butScreenshot_20220802-235348.thumb.png.a0e174708df879ebdc2c30f6d7ebac3c.png

How is this even possible 😂

I feel like I just broke a record 🙂

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