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Tactics 3-3-2-2 Fast Forward Promotion: Serie C>A in 2 Seasons

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This is my first post and I would like to share this tactic that I made. I play with Reggiana in Serie C/B and got promoted all the way to Serie A just a season later. I originally used the 3-1-4-2 formation, with Wide Midfielders, but was conceding too many goals, so I switched and bring them back a little bit.


- Shape:


I went for attacking as I wanted the team to try score goals effectively, with narrow width so it’s easier to close down the space between players and defend better. I have pacy players, so fast is a good tempo since we can out-tempo the opposition. I originally went for the expressive creative freedom, but the players were losing the ball too much so I switched to disciplined.

- Attack:


Not much to explain here, other than this lets not only the strikers to score, but the wingers and midfielders chipping in with goals as well.

- Defence:


Originally I went for the high defensive line, but again, we were conceding goals so I put it on balanced. I chose committed tackling just to not let any attacking attempt by the opposition slide. This led to red and yellow cards, but my squad is deep enough for this not to be a problem.

- Corner Instructions:


Just an OP corner strategy, My defender almost won top scorer with this. Do the same on the other side.



Hope this helps ;)

p.s. I got some great deals on players on the transfer window between the two season

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10 hours ago, gucluu said:

What did she do in the Serie A league?

Do you mean how it does in Serie A? I’m just starting my first Serie A season now. I’ll try to update how it goes later

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12 hours ago, Legend288 said:

Everton first season 5 place. Not bad but with other tactic i won premierleague in first season.


Thanks for testing it out! Perhaps it’s better in lower leagues, and definitely can still be improved

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