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Chat Potential glitch with Unselfish personality

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I've run into like 3 or 4 players now with the Unselfish personality who also have 'selfish player' as a con in their coaching report. These are players on MY team mind you so it can't even be chocked up to just bad scouting. So like, it is a glitch or what?

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Look at the Teamwork attribute of these players. Teamwork in FMM is a combination of the "real" Teamwork and Work Rate in FM, and it takes the arithmetic average of these two attributes. You see "Selfish player" in the coach report of an Unselfish player because these players have good FM Teamwork but disastrous Work Rate. For example, a player with 16 FM Teamwork and 2 Work Rate will have 9 FMM Teamwork, and you will see "Selfish player" in his coach report. If you look at their "Personal" page there should be something like "Dislike the intense work rate that his team-mates expect," which is an indication of his low Work Rate.

There's no glitch. It's just SI being weird.

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