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Tactics 352 impenetrable


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This is a tactic that I have been tinkering with on fmm22 for a while and I've finally got it where it is reliable and consistent.


Initially based on the Conte philosophy, this tactic is focused on being very solid at the back, and to limit the opposition attempts on goal.

if the opponent is a high attacking side, you'll be able to counter/nullify them. If they are a defensive side, you'll have the ability to slowly work openings and chances.


Couple of points;

Its not perfect and you may need to adapt in some games. For example, if the other team is set up in the dreaded low block, you may need to increase the width and/or push into Attacking mentality.

Similarly if you being overrun, and need to gain a foothold in the match, you can try dropping your defensive line to Balanced.

you'll need to modify the tactic to suit the forwards you have at your disposal. I have found the DLF/CF combo to be most effective, however YMMV depending on the players you have. PF/TF works well too


PS - dont be afraid to shut down a tough game too, Get some Time Wasting happening, and get the team back to Disciplined





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Lost me screen shot from the previous season, but managed to have serie a wrapped up nice and early (8 games to spare)

Lost the CL semi to a 40 yard screamer :(

Torino game was an FM Masterclass with 1 shot 1 goal from the opposition.

Final match against Napoli was a 'holiday' match as I'd already got to my secondary goal of 100 points






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13 hours ago, gucluu said:

Does it work in a small team?

Give it a go and see how it fares.

you might need to switch the Libero out for a BPD, and the forwards to suit your players

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