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Help Man-Marking Question

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Hey guys, Long time lurker first time poster!

I just read a post from FMM21 about man marking and it spurred me to write this post. 

When attempting to man mark players how do I decide which player should be set to man mark and how do I know which opposition player will be man marked. In the 21 guide I saw CMs and DMs being set to man mark with clear expectations of who was being man marked but I couldn't see how that conclusion was reached?


I assume FBs/WBs will man mark Wingers. But beyond that if seems to get a little unclear. 


Apologies if my formatting is off or if I've overlooked somewhere this is already answered. 

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Generally it will be the closest player to the man - marker.

That being said, in 22 I have had very little success with man marking, especially if a player is not mapped directly on top of the opposition.

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