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Chat FMM Discord Server

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Im doing this thread to invite all Vibe users to join the currently biggest Discord server about the game. Frankie, the main owner, made it in november 2020 when FMM2021 came out and we just reached 600 members some days ago!

We have channels about tactics, players, some fun challenges, resources (it has cool things like background skins for the game, changes.txt with promotions updated, etc), and we even have our own rebuild league, where we pick some low table teams to rebuild, one per week, and we have a table and a point system to decide the winner of each league we do along the game season. 

Thanks to @FuddledFox for guiding me and @Stam for letting us post an invitation here.

Join us at https://discord.gg/R7jCu5u6FX

Mati 😁

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It's quite a chill place to hang out and make long form career postings that would otherwise be severely cut down when posting on Vibe.

And for you lurkers out there with amazing FMM saves, but never posted to Vibe because you didn't capture enough... Well the Discord is a good place to talk about it at length, then go back through the images to post on Vibe.

I know I only really started having more to post after joining the Discord 😂

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Its a great community with all one shared ‘love’ for the game. Everyone is really helpfull if you want help with anything to be honoust since joining i’ve have a much better understanding of the game thanks to all the help i’ve got from members there. 

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