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Tactics 4-3-3 Balanced High Goal scoring

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  • I am Presenting another very Good Winning + goal scoring  tactitc 
  • 30467739_Screenshot_20220616-154043_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.8197b246836fa0c637820d9645626f9c.jpg1284017730_Screenshot_20220616-154052_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.8ba5d011e4637b92898494cbcbc4ca35.jpg30467739_Screenshot_20220616-154043_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.8197b246836fa0c637820d9645626f9c.jpg4-3-3 with Balance mentality 
  • I tried this tactics with Brighton and Aston villa Winning Premier League in very 1st year
  • This Strategy doesn't require very powerful team to achieve success only ur squad players can win you league with this set up.128304920_Screenshot_20220620-204707_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.9f2fdea871b341090dcfce846e83078b.jpg1892672064_Screenshot_20220616-153954_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.0807e1c17f10a03e6528de16fdfa1bbe.jpg1186615496_Screenshot_20220620-204939_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.63d5d5b1fbebd5452a18d3580afea32f.jpg
  • this is my trasfers history 1753864919_Screenshot_20220620-204733_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.35c36c2987b9d95857d12ddc2de2e3d5.jpg
  •  I bought only 2 players 1 for challenge of Lewis Cook. And another 1 is CD for backup thats it still manage to win 🏆 league..
  • For this tactics to work u need 4 decent  WB and 2 very good Strikers with atleast 13-15 Aireal and shooting 
  • 2 good Ap with creativity of 14+ that's it ..
  • Winning Premier  League In 1st season and win with what u have with Mid tables teams is fun . 
  • Try this tactic thanks 463427473_Screenshot_20220620-204716_FM22Mobile.thumb.jpg.b99ba3c214ecaa757b7e6cf78968e459.jpg

Screenshot_20220616-154100_FM22 Mobile.jpg

Screenshot_20220620-205151_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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Let me go tryy it😭💔which me luck guys because my team is going through a rough patch😭💔

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23 minutes ago, lethabo said:

Let me go tryy it😭💔which me luck guys because my team is going through a rough patch😭💔

Which team u r managing 

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2 hours ago, lethabo said:


Make Kane ur AF 

Subs him every match before 60 minutes mark and replace him with another striker with good Aerial shooting ability ...




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Posted (edited)

I used this tactics on Derby County 

Despite so many Injuries of players I still manage to achieve Promotion to the Premier League with this tactics 



Edited by Superking
Team info
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Stiker as TF with Aerial in focus

Rest las it is given in my tactics 


MF =bbm Ap

Defenders = wb and CD 

U can train stiker as IF if he reasonable to that possision 


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