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Help Which roles for central midfielders?


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Hello everyone !

I have a lot of trouble finding suitable roles for my midfielders. Indeed, I often manage to find very good players for all the other positions whether in attack or in defense but when it comes to midfielders I often find myself having to sell my latest recruits because they didn't work in my team. However, I am testing different roles: BBM, CM, AP, DLP… I dropped BWM and RP which are the worst from my point of view.

I play in 4-2-3-1 or 4-1-2-2-1, so with an AP or DLP accompanying my 2 central midfielders. In my opinion, the best duo would therefore be BBM + CM, yet even having players with good statistics for these roles, failures are numerous.

What are the roles that you could advise me for central midfielders ? What stats are you looking for for these roles ? Thanks in advance.

PS: I use a translator because I don't speak English, sorry for any mistakes.

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At first i hated role CM, but now i played with CM, DLP, CM. With short passing. Sometimes is DLP in defensive midfielder 

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Depends what you are trying to achieve. How are you trying to create chances?!

Example options

  • Crossing game with wingers, to an aerially strong ST ? = standard CMs should work wonderfully well, such as in a CM CM midfield two (4231). Why? As the CMs stay in position, they do not drift / move inwards centrally, so they can receive the ball in the channels / half-spaces and can easily feed your Wingers.
  • Creative through balls to speedy IFs / STs ? = an APs seem to work well (and theoretically a RP should also), such as in a CM CM (or B2B B2B) midfield two with a central AP in front of them (4231), or an AP B2B midfield two with a DMC/Anchor behind them (41221). Why? Because the AP is more likely to 'play killer passes' and is in an advanced central position to do so, so can easily feed your pacy attackers. 
  • Through balls to midfielders rushing forward into space ? = B2Bs work beautifully for this - but you need your wide player to be an IW or Winger (not an IF). For example, in a 4231, if you have an IW / winger on the right flank, then have a B2B in the MCR position, who will run forward to attack the space. See my posts <here> for screenshots / examples. 
  • Short passing, keep possession, don't give the ball to the opposition ? = a DLP CM midfield two should work well behind an AM/AP (4231) - because your DLP will drop deep & centrally to receive the ball from your back 4, with your CM staying in the channel / half-space as an available passing option to keep possession. Alternatively a CM CM midfield two behind a DMC/anchor (maybe a DLP?) in a 41221 should also keep possession nicely.

Note - if you want your full backs to be IWBs (drifting inside) - then you'll need your midfield two to have roles where they move to create space for your IWBs. So B2B, RP, AP, DLP are all good if your using IWBs, but a normal CM role isn't good with IWBs (as the CM doesn't move much, so there is less space for the IWB to move into).

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