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Help Newbie in need of guidance

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Is there any guide / series of posts/pages where a newbie like me can learn the details, pros & cons of Tactics Team Instructions?

I'm not a newbie to sport sim management games. I've played championship manager back in the early 2010's (CM10) for a couple years and then Football Tactics & Glory (FTG) for over 3 years. I however never played FM or for that matter FMM.

I bought FMM 22 awhile ago and love how this game runs well and looks beautiful on my iPad.

I've run career mode 4 times already with dismal results, being sacked on the 2nd - 3rd season every time always with the same team West Sydney Wanderers - Australia (WSW). This team is a title contender so I should finish in the top 4 but I end up at the bottom of the ladder.

On every career game I played so far, the team starts winning well at the start of the 1st season but eventually it starts drawing then finally losing games. From what I read on other posts, it seems the AI learns my main style and then adjusts against it.

I'm lost! I have no ideas on how to adjust team instructions against a particular opponent.

For instance, the next match report shows for my opponent:

  • Squad is lacking in leadership (+)
  • Their team lacks a bit of pace (+)
  • Their team lacks a bit of creativity (+)
  • They have a fit & energetic group of players (-)
  • The quality of their passing is very high (-)
  • They have a very youthful squad (-)

The only thing common sense tells me is: I should play fast (they have no pace) and I should not try to press (their team is fit & energetic).

I understand NOTHING of tactics in FMM22 or football for that matter. FTG was pretty much as set and go and I didn't have so many options to tweak apart from the position of the player. Things like pace, short/long passes, and the effect of all those little adjustments are completely unknown to me.

Thanks in advance.




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