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Career Late Bloomer - The Grandma or The Professor?


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Hi all

As stated in the title I am going to try the late bloomer challenge. 

The player

I have chosen one of my favorite players (when he is in the mood atleast): Josip 'The Grandma'  or Josip 'The Professor' Ilicic (https://www.google.com/amp/s/football-italia.net/gasp-on-josip-the-grandma-and-gomez-wasting-time/amp/

As you see below Ilicic has scored 109 so far, so the aim is to score 110 goals before he retires. Josip likes the live in Bergamo, so I will be managing Atalanta. 



Season 1

Started the season with extending Ilicics contract which gives him 3 seasons to score 110 goals



The tactic

I have started in a 2-1-4-1-2 formation with Ilicic as trequartista behind Zapata and Muriel. 




A quiet transfer window from me. Brought in Tchouameni, Angelino and Lucca. Angelino has 19 in crossing and is taking corners and freekicks. Tchouameni is a monster in midfield. Lucca is backup upfront for the time being. 




The season exceeded my expectations as I managed to win Serie A with 90 points. Josip scoring 34 goals in the League campaign. I also won the Italian Cup with a victory over Juve. In Champions League I won my group in front of Chelsea but then got City in the first knockout round. 



Josip Ilicic

Josip had a great season scoring 49 goals in 48 games. And more important his attributes has not declined much. 



49 goals means he needs 61 in the next two seasons, which should be possible. 

Thanks for reading

Screenshot_20220626-110310_FM22 Mobile.jpg

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